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06 Aug 2021 11:21:30
Tomorrow's game has been cancelled just great.

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06 Aug 2021 12:09:14
Odd. You can still book tickets on the AVFC site.

06 Aug 2021 12:22:23
Aha - it’s on Twatter. Club currently looking for a replacement team. Come on - bring on the noses 😂.

06 Aug 2021 13:04:53
Could play Stoke?

06 Aug 2021 14:56:19
Not possible - the Championship starts tomorrow, so this time next year you lot will be beginning your own Championship campaign 😂.

06 Aug 2021 20:08:38
Villa now have a friendly on Sunday against Salernitana
- AVFC official site have announced.

04 Aug 2021 18:43:26
Danny Ings :-) Now let's keep spending boys! going to be a fun few weeks!

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04 Aug 2021 18:52:17
That is one out of nowhere. No rumours, no pundit quoting “I’ve heard”, no “in the know”. Just straight in. Like a deadline day signing weeks before the deadline. Great signing.

04 Aug 2021 19:00:53
Now for Lingard and Martial.

04 Aug 2021 19:15:36
Best thing about it Trinity, no one had a clue! So professional from the top down now at Villa!

04 Aug 2021 19:19:39
I have literally in the past 10 mins been told that Axel is on his way deffo, but accompanied by Daniel James, Axel loan, James bought, personally I think he’s a headless chicken so I hope my mate’s full of it lol 😂


{Ed014's Note - Dan James from United is absolute pony so I’m hoping they keep him and it’s not true!

04 Aug 2021 19:39:21
Chris, you’re spot on. A signing like they use to be. No leak, no fuss, just done. Great to see Sky and Talksport taken completely by surprise.
£30m? A bit steep or about right?

04 Aug 2021 19:59:07
I’ve heard it’s 25 with 5 in add ons, so if it gets to 30 he will have done something significant to get the price to 30. I’d say it’s a good deal for both sides, we get the best goal scorer outside the top 6, they get decent money for a player they could potentially lose for free if he dug his heels in.

04 Aug 2021 20:30:02
I wondered where he would end up going, great buy, good luck in the new season.

04 Aug 2021 19:37:46
My thoughts too Ed, same guy told me Curtis Jones a few days ago too, not keen on that 1 either


{Ed014's Note - Curtis Jones from Liverpool? I’d be surprised if they let him go.

06 Aug 2021 18:14:42
Curtis Jones is a good shout. However, unless the scousers want the cash for their own target, I agree that he could be out of reach.

Fulham’s Zambo Anguissa’s name has cropped up again. I saw a report the club are reluctant to lose him, but have a £20M target in mind if forced to consider a release. Roma are also interested (also linked to El Ghazi) .

Now we have most of our additions, I wonder if there will be a few departures (e. g. AEG, Hourihane and big Wes)?

06 Aug 2021 23:09:07
I am sure Smith and Lange are taking stock with how the squad is shaping up. You can be forgiven for applauding every new offensive player that may fill the void left by the floppy haired one. However, how our we stacking up in terms of team balance?

If we opt to accommodate Buendia, Bailey, Watkins and Ings, how do we field sufficient strength behind them? Is a combination of two from McGinn, Luiz, Sanson and Nakamba going to cut the mustard? If not, what can we do to address this? A tricky one.

07 Aug 2021 07:01:13
AJ those players mentioned, with the exception of Bailey who's an unknown quantity, have one thing in common-workrate. As seems to be the new mantra- defend from the front. I think we'll be fine. We all know McGinn doesn't stop running and Nakamba can provide the defensive shield. Luiz can do the job too plus Sansom, when fit has similar attributes as McGinn. I believe Beundia will be the link between midfield and attack but with so many useful options up front I feel we'll retain the ball a lot better this season. Only time will tell and it may take a while for it all to come together but I'm optimistic for the season ahead.

07 Aug 2021 08:25:36
I agree with you, Moose, in regard to Buendia’s likely role. The Nakamba/ McGinn combination fits the high energy philosophy better than one including Luiz, who has been disappointing, despite a promising start. Both Sanson and, I agree, Bailey are difficult performers to judge, at least at this stage. The latter looks to be the maverick in the pack potentially.

It wouldn’t be beyond the realms of Smith to plan to play something along the lines of a 4-2-1-3 with Buendia playing behind Watkins, Ings and Bailey. Perhaps not always the set up in the tougher games, but still as a frequent arrangement.

07 Aug 2021 10:26:14
I'm hoping that those front 4 will be extremely interchangeable and offer us more flexibility with formations and also keep the opposition guessing.

07 Aug 2021 21:27:50
I agree. Going to be a fluid front 3/ 4 with an exciting array of options to choose from.

We still need to replace Engels (probably going to be Axel returning), and I think we could do with a higher quality back up keeper than Jed.

Then we need something in midfield. A more complete defensive midfielder than Nakamba. Anguissa would be great (his performance metrics last season were superb), and maybe even be a better option than the more expensive Bissouma (odds on him coming have shortened dramatically) .

I think we still need a naturally left sided attacker too. To upgrade on Anwar. For me, he’s pretty much at his ceiling, and his game would be better suited to a slower paced league where he’s afforded more time and space. He’d do bits for Roma, if that move pans out. Cantwell seems less likely now, but he’d be a good option. or I’d definitely take Damsgaard.

04 Aug 2021 16:38:27
Interesting article on another website suggesting one of the reasons why Abraham has not moved anywhere yet is due to his wage demands apparently he is on £50k a week at Chelsea but is looking for £130k a week from any potential new employer. I can't see us paying that kind of money for someone who is not the first choice number 9. The other thing the article covered was the size of Jack's fee their view is that the fee is not £100 million up front but £75 million with £25 million in add ins.

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04 Aug 2021 16:52:28
Villajohn I have seen this and if you have a look at what I have posted the reports seem to be wrong if jack was in Manchester why was he at training this morning something smells fishy and I don’t mean the tuna sandwich I’m about to eat. Also with everything Johan Lange has done I can’t see him settling for a deal like that.

04 Aug 2021 18:05:26
Rob, reported in Manchester that he has recently arrived by private plane with medical in the morning.

04 Aug 2021 18:22:12
Just seen it. Thank F it’s all over now. Hope he goes on to sit on their bench. Time for us to get the right players in and not Cantwell don’t think he’s worth all the hype around him.

06 Aug 2021 08:31:26
I'm sure his contract release was 100m so I doubt the add on bits true.

03 Aug 2021 21:55:47
Serious talks that Liverpool have hijacked our deal for Leon Bailey at the 11th hour.

Oh and Andy Grays son confirming Grealish is going and should be confirmed within the next few days.

What great times👍 Then again you can't expect top players to want to join when your captain and so called boyhood fan also ditches you, sets an alarming precedent. The 'big six' and there and will never be replaced, it's their world and we are just guests in it.

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03 Aug 2021 22:05:59
Chris mate calm down none of this has happend yet mate baily has signed I have heard. Also if Jack goes trust our great owners to get it right and buy top quality replacements. Remember a few years ago this club nearly went out of business the progress we have made is scary. Grelish or no grelish the clubs moving in the right direction!

03 Aug 2021 23:42:40
Leon baily signing the contract on youtube in 1 hour.

04 Aug 2021 06:56:35
Yea jumped the gun a bit there gents, seemed like it was all falling apart for a second😂. The sources are usually decent but reacted to some other news, put two and two together and got 5.

Think Grealish will be announced today or tomorrow👎.

04 Aug 2021 07:12:52
Done deal Chris


04 Aug 2021 07:48:04
Contract signed by Bailey live on YouTube.

04 Aug 2021 08:03:59
Don’t know if it’s refreshing to see or a little bit of arrogance, but a player signing his deal live, with their agent doing a bit of a Q&A at the same time is definitely new😂.

04 Aug 2021 08:17:17
That’s a scary behind the striker 3 if Jack stays


04 Aug 2021 09:37:18
Think he’s a goner Ally, really do, gutted about it as well.

04 Aug 2021 11:54:09
According to the Daily Mail, Jack is due in Manchester today to sign for City! Unless its more nonsense reporting he is gone!

04 Aug 2021 18:47:27
Had to read your post several times Chris. You’re normally very measured with your posts. Very unlike you fella. At least your follow up posts were more the old Chris.

03 Aug 2021 17:04:05
Heard Villa are after Tammy i say NOOOO I like Tammy but his not as good as ollie I think ollie is the best striker in the league hope the plans not to put ollie out on the wing an play Tammy upfront i heard ollie when he first joined Villa say he hated playing left wing but smith said it would make him a better striker. If Jack goes don't put round pegs in square holses. can't see Jack going its dragging on to long if he goes having had pictures with fans I won't be happy if your going just go if your staying great.

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03 Aug 2021 17:22:48
Walk it’s a loan we are apparently looking at for Tammy. Which I think makes sense as we are meant to be letting Wesley go either sale or loan and with Davis injured we are going to need the striker. Plus it will challenge both of them to prove they want to be the main forward.

03 Aug 2021 18:00:09
Loan with an option to buy would make sense, any fee then goes onto next year's accounts. Loan only? Not for me Jeff, sick of us bringing on other teams players. Same goes for Tuanzebe.

03 Aug 2021 18:02:32
100% Rob, if we can get Tammy on loan and offload Wesley for 15M then that is great business, if Tammy bangs in the goals then we sign him permanently next summer and we have an extra 15M+ in the kitty to put towards JWP etc. Also, Tuanzebe on loan is a shrewd bit of business as I believe he is out of contact next summer and we'd get him on a free.

03 Aug 2021 18:49:44
Taking someone on loan has surely got to have the following added as a stipulation of Option to buy AND
must play ONE UEFA/ FIFA recognised competitive game for Parent club.

It will stop any 3rd club coming in for them.

Example - Tammy, he can be called back to only Chelsea and play for only Chelsea this season.
Unlike when he could have gone to the Dingles as his competitive game was not recognised (Charity Shield) .
Don't think my heart would take it after the current Jack saga.

03 Aug 2021 18:49:56
There’s no way Tammy will come to villa to sit on the bench

I expect Spurs to go for him to replace Kane.

03 Aug 2021 18:51:48
Totally agree moose. Chelsea are offering him a new contract that is for next season but that will be only to make sure they don’t lose him for free, but I agree with BK bring him in now pay the money next season and smash the rest on JWP. This side is going places and these players would definitely help take us there. I personally think until JG got injured last season we would already have European footy but with the squad we are getting together. Add Tammy and JWP and axel into it squad depth very strong and could truly challenge for a trophy. BK Man U are doing the same with Axel as Chelsea are with Tammy get the extension so don’t lose him for free but if they are willing to take around 8 million plus add ons to make it to say 10/ 14 mill then also get that done now too.

{Ed002's Note - TA is not out of contract next season.}

03 Aug 2021 19:28:33
Only get tammy if his ok with sitting on the bench because ollie is the main striker! I do like tammy but his not gona sit on the bench unless he talks to ollie an ollie can effect the game from the wing but i know he hated being on the wing from brentford days under smith! We don't need a striker wesley will be a decent back up plus you got barry.

03 Aug 2021 20:22:29
Lads, I think we need to move on from the mentality of "player A replaces player B" or "player A won't come because he will be on the bench", we need to think bigger. Look at all the top clubs, which Villa aspire to be amongst, they all have quality options off the bench and options for genuine rotation on a weekly basis. This notion that Tammy would have to be happy with a place on the bench is so small time, Tammy signing gives us so many options, we need quality throughout the squad, not just a strong 11 and a load of players happy to warm the bench. Tammy would back himself to get into the 11, whether that's playing 2 up top, or instead of Watkins and that kind of competition will only benefit Aston Villa, it's players and us the fans.

03 Aug 2021 21:02:22
In principle that’s fine but when you are not getting game time with your parent club are you likely to sign for another team where again your game time is likely to be limited.
? particularly when other options are out there where you will be the number one centre forward for example at West Ham where you will also have the benefit of European football, Arsenal and dare I say it at Spurs also.

03 Aug 2021 22:06:02
Tammy will back himself to get plenty of game time John, 100%!

03 Aug 2021 22:54:37
The press (esp. BM) are pushing the Tammy story heavily, now there is rumour Chelsea will drop their asking price.

I am still not sure on Tammy and don’t think his Championship record is the best yardstick. Ollie is a superior forward in my book and I can’t see Smith playing both too often. That said, we do need greater depth of quality, although few top half clubs have that many aspiring international strikers in reserve.

I am just not convinced Villa are in for Abraham but, if they are, it will be pivotal on Grealish’s departure. Although a different sort of player, Damsgaard looks a more logical fit in the squad.

Bailey to Liverpool - I think this looks unlikely. I believe the scousers are tight on cash, despite a few modest sales over the past week or so. He would offer an option to cover Mane - a forward with pace. Equally, an ingredient we really need.

03 Aug 2021 23:26:51
The question we need to ask AJ is, are Villa better with Watkins and Tammy or Watkins and Wesley? For me the answer is obvious, I'm all for bringing Tammy back, he instantly improves our options up front and adds much needed competition for places. I would love Damsgaard as well, he looks a very adequate replacement for Jack :-)

06 Aug 2021 22:56:20
Quite fancy Watkins and Ings myself. 😁

Tammy wanted too much dosh and I don’t think he is as clinical as Danny. You have to conclude Wes is probably on his way.

03 Aug 2021 13:57:44
Respected American sports writer, who just happens to be a Milwaukee Bucks fan, C, J, Golson, says he has good information, that Jacks staying . So hope he's right .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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03 Aug 2021 15:20:29
By all accounts this lad is very reliable in the US, weird he would know anything that the UK press doesn't though. Hope it's true but I've done a complete 180 on Jack, he's off for me until the Club confirms otherwise.

03 Aug 2021 23:21:46
Apparently, he is big buddies with Wes (Edens, not Moraes) . Somehow, I cannot imagine our co-owner spilling the beans whilst negotiations are rather delicate.

Grealish appears to be the catalyst to the next stage in proceedings. Either he expresses a wish to stay or go. Salary appears to be pretty much the same, so his conundrum is weighing up fairly certain cups and medals against his roots and the potential Villa have to make the breakthrough. I have no idea how much he is his own man or how easily he is swayed, so it is a difficult one to call with any confidence.

The media reports suggests the situation will be settled this week. I hope so because it is dragging on longer than. ‘Who killed JR? ’.

03 Aug 2021 12:34:40
According to the ever-reliable Daily Mail online, we've made a fresh bid for JWP.

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02 Aug 2021 16:59:28
Showdown talks happening right now, whole team have come back out for their afternoon session, Lange and Smith out as-well. Grealish hasn't come out.

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02 Aug 2021 17:18:22
Strange Smith wouldn't be involved Chris?

02 Aug 2021 17:20:48
Hmm may have jumped the gun a bit here, 40 minutes later he’s out having a laugh and joke with the rest of the staff and players. Unless it was a very quick chat, more likely to be him doing a warm up indoors I’d imagine.

02 Aug 2021 18:56:07
Think so, looks like he had a good chat with Lange - That would obviously relate to incomings, probably giving him an overview of our targets this summer and beyond. You'd imagine talks with the owners will be next, we need this done soon either way. I can't take anymore.

02 Aug 2021 20:11:56
The fella said the mood was very different when Grealish came back out, amongst everyone not just Jack. Much more up beat and positive. Make of that what you will!

02 Aug 2021 23:08:05
We need to find out tomorrow, few people speculating that the structure of the 100M is being negotiated - That's the only hold up! I'm still in the "he's off" camp sadly, going to be an interesting few weeks!

02 Aug 2021 12:06:26
Im being told by a friend at Bodymoor that Morgan Rogers was there friday, make of that what you will but i think he is part of the Grealish Deal.

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01 Aug 2021 18:23:20
My son just shown me pictures on Twitter, Jack, Mings and Martinez, back at training. Some have been reporting, that he was in Manchester today.

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01 Aug 2021 21:01:31
Should be illegal to print lies just to get clicks.

02 Aug 2021 10:08:37
Good to see, he has been out talisman for the last few seasons and I for one will wish him well whatever he chooses. In other news has anyone seen the potential click bait linking us with Damsgaard? 35
Million euros muted - Ed you heard anything?

{Ed002's Note - Mikkel Damsgaard (LW/AM) Spurs asked after a price for the player at the behest of Mr Mourinho who may have taken his interest on to Roma. Real Madrid consider him an option at the right price if they sell Isco. Sampdoria saying Southampton and Leeds have both enquired about the availability of the player who only joined last summer. They have told Milan that they are not open to being given their "off cuts" in exchange and want a huge cash deal - but Milan would need to sell Leao to bring him in - and they also need the money to complete the Tonali deal. Sampdoria are reluctant to sell but I suspect more clubs will be showing an interest.}

02 Aug 2021 10:35:46
Our name just being added for clicks by the sounds of things then.

If Bailey gets done, until Grealish has gone I can’t see us going after another wide man. JWP or someone similar should be the priority.

02 Aug 2021 11:48:08
I wonder if the Damsgaard rumours are true and we do sign Bailey whether the plan might be to play Bailey right Damsgaard left with Buendia playing the 10 role?

02 Aug 2021 12:34:07
Thanks Ed, great info as always. Great signing for any club in IMO I agree that we should focus on JWP should grealish does leave as it provides us great creativity and depth in the squad something we severely missed last season when he was injured.

02 Aug 2021 14:28:53
If Jack leaves and is replaced with Damsgaard and JWP then that is borderline acceptable. Buendia, Baily and Damsgaard all young players with high ceilings, may derail any genuine progress this year but next season we will have a much more balanced and talented squad.

02 Aug 2021 14:28:53
If Jack leaves and is replaced with Damsgaard and JWP then that is borderline acceptable. Buendia, Baily and Damsgaard all young players with high ceilings, may derail any genuine progress this year but next season we will have a much more balanced and talented squad.

02 Aug 2021 14:53:51
If we do get damsgaard and JWP we would have one of the most exciting attacking lines in the PL coupled with our formidable defence …. Makes us quite a force moving forward. It would seem we may be a team to be feared again and return B6 to a fortress.

02 Aug 2021 15:44:47
Interesting piece on TalkSPORT at lunchtime talking about Bailey, apparently on his day he is scintillating and can win games on his own but his day doesn’t come round often enough and that rather than any concerns about his being a disruptive influence is why bigger clubs have decided against moving for him. Interestingly they think that as things stand he might not get into Leverkusen’s best starting XI which I have to confess is a little worrying although as we have seen his stats do look good.

02 Aug 2021 15:46:03
Guys news just in Grealish "Prepared" to sign new deal at Villa! City have a window to make it happen but reading between the lines he is stalling on a move!
Birmingham Evening Mail


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