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17 Jun 2020 21:10:47
I'm sure most are watching the man City arsenal game, I just heard David Luiz is out of contract, he would be perfect for our defense, guaranteed to gift defensive error goals, silly me we have enough already that can do that.

{Ed002's Note - Sorry, that won’t be happening.}

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18 Jun 2020 11:51:43
Irony mate, not a suggestion.

17 Jun 2020 11:44:33
Curtin is going to drop soon on this mini league of survival for us, for Mcginn has to start he brings our midfield from 2 stars to 4 stars Jack will have an extra spring in his step because Mcginn is back there both on the same wave length, think back to last season when Jack came back it was like different team they rallied and pushed on, I'm hopeing Mcginn has the same influence, these last 10 games are big because if we go down it's a full rebuild maybe 3-4 seasons to get back up, IF we stay up I think we will finish in top 10 next season on go on from there with the wealth of our owners we can really push on, It's much a fine line, DO OUR DIE come on boys.

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12 Jun 2020 21:30:56
Ed, do you have any Idea if O`Hare, or Jacob Ramsey can play for Villa, during the run in.
I ask because, their loan club season is now over?

{Ed002's Note - No Dave, the season must be completed with the players registered for the second half of the season. There was also due to be a vote to see if players who were excluded because of injury at the start of the season could replace those injured now or those opting not to play, but for some reason that did not happen. There are still a couple of clubs looking to change this.}

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13 Jun 2020 12:34:50
Thanks for that Ed, not ideal but rules are rules.

13 Jun 2020 08:33:00
Now that Doncaster and Coventry’s seasons are over does anybody know if Jacob Ramsey and Callum O’hare will be eligible to play in Villa’s remaining 10 games? I heard a Rumour that the registration rule could be relaxed but I have read conflicting reports.

It would certainly be useful given that 5 subs are allowed and you never know it could make a significant difference if they were eligible to play, and in Callum’s case, it might just be enough to convince him to put pen to paper if he gets an opportunity and does well.

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13 Jun 2020 10:28:47
The 3 club rule will be for next season with the transfer windows due to run until October.
The current registration debate was regarding injured players being left out I believe.

11 Jun 2020 20:54:08
Anyone know the 2 Leicester friendly results, King power, and Villa Park.

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12 Jun 2020 09:32:19
3-0 to Villa at King Power.

12 Jun 2020 11:50:57
Thanks very much TT, stay safe mate.

12 Jun 2020 13:21:24
1.0 leicester at vp. And 4.1 villa at leicester. Why is a wolves fan always chatting on a villa site.

12 Jun 2020 16:31:59
Thanks very much walkies, not sure which one of you is correct, but at least I know, we won one, lost one.
Keep safe walkies.

06 Jun 2020 19:38:53
Apparently, the training sessions are hotting up now at Bodymoor Heath, and youngsters Mungo Bridge, Tyreik Wright and Louie Barry were all fully involved with the first team squad, which is very encouraging news.
With 9 on the bench and 5 substitutes allowed for the remaining games this could be a sign that the 3 of them are very much in Deano's plans. UTV.

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06 Jun 2020 20:13:01
And you still couldn’t beat the unmentionables.

06 Jun 2020 20:42:16
I hope so mate, I am getting a bit excited to be honest.
I would love a youngster to come on and do a Rooney, or a Milner.

06 Jun 2020 21:41:29
Unmentionables? was it against Wolves, I could have sworn it was against West Brom . 😁.

06 Jun 2020 12:11:10
Just reading that transfer fees are likely to plummet following the virus an example that was cited was Raul Jimenez before the virus he was being talked about as a £40 to £50 million pound player now Wolves will accept £18 million for him allegedly. If this is true I wonder what the impact would be on the transfer fees for the likes of Jack, McGinn and Mings?

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06 Jun 2020 16:52:28
Hi John.
If that`s the case mate, it can only be a good thing for football in general, looking at it from a neutral point.
Obviously like buying a house, you sell cheap so theoretically you can buy cheap.
Looking at it from our perspective, and assuming Jack does want out,
I would hold fire and make it clear, that his price was 95 million, and 80 million is the new reduced price, take it or leave it.
Not as simple as that I know, but do you get where I am coming from.

06 Jun 2020 19:27:20
Jack is a player in demand from several clubs, so that should help keep the price up. The more parties that are interested the better. If we stay up I would think we would be in a better bargain position and of course you never know Jack might want to stay anyway.

06 Jun 2020 20:37:46
I just get the feeling he is already unsettled, especially with all the media talk, idle journalism.

08 Jun 2020 22:10:48
The £18m Jimenez fee involves a player swap (1 of Rugani/ Rabiot/ Higuain) who are valued at £25m each. So Juve have offered one of them players plus £18m on top.

05 Jun 2020 14:19:51
Congrats to the Women's team on getting promoted to the WSL and coming up from the Championship just a year after the boys. Just a shame the men's team can't swap positions with Liverpool as the ladies are about to do!

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05 Jun 2020 11:00:02
I see that it looks like Callum O Hare is going to seek pastures new to further his career which is a great shame in my opinion whilst he isn't anther Jack Grealish I think if we get relegated which I think is more likely than not unfortunately, then he could do us a decent job in the Championship particularly as we will in all likelihood have the heart ripped out of the team in midfield.

I do think that following on from the virus all clubs need to look at what business model they want to follow going forward. If as the CEO says that we want to develop our youth structures then we need the right manager and back room staff to start blooding some of them like Ramsey and Barry otherwise it's pointless.

Once we have identified the team and personally I would stick with Smith but ditch Terry then we need to back him and I don't just mean financially I mean the fans because I think it is probably going to take a while to sort us out, if we are honest we have been on a downward spiral since O'Neill left with the exception of a couple of bright spots on the slope!

If that means we spend a couple of years in the Championship whilst we get the infrastructure right then so be it if it means we stabilises the club then fine we don't want to be yoyoing back and forth between the Prem and the Championship like the Baggies did.

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05 Jun 2020 12:52:53
John, I mentioned about the Callum O’hare situation in the post below mate. I’m not sure Jack was much better than Callum is now, when he first broke into the first team John. Jack has obviously come on leaps and bounds since being given the opportunities, and there’s the rub, our promising young players have to be given those opportunities.

05 Jun 2020 15:20:11
Personally Mark, I think you are spot on with your analogy of O`Hare and Grealish.
I remember when Grealish made the first team squad, and he looked good, but the guy infuriated me at times.
So yes I think you are correct, in fact I would suggest O`Hare is more direct, and reacts quicker than grealish, ball control is a different matter.
It would be a real shame if he got away, so I would have to question the integrity of our Owners, and Management, it that does happen.
Scrap the Youth Academy, And give the money saved to Acorns Hospice.

05 Jun 2020 16:06:51
Mark I saw your post after I had posted typical of me too late as usual🤣 However whatever happens with O hare I do think if we are serious about developing our own talent then something has got to change from where we are now.

05 Jun 2020 17:30:58
No problem John, I’ve done the same myself mate, we all have.
What I will say is the appointment of Mark Harrison was I think a statement of intent, he has an excellent reputation for bringing young players through. we have to be patient with the current owners, a lot of mistakes were made before their takeover, only time will tell but I do get the impression they have the right intentions.

04 Jun 2020 17:18:39
Callum O'hare is reportedly refusing to sign a new contract and therefore may well leave on a free, most likely to Coventry City.
You can hardly blame him given the limited opportunities he's had at the Villa.
So unfortunately it looks like Callum is going to join that long list of academy players who have slipped through the club's fingers.
If this does happen and we end up getting relegated and Coventry get promoted, it wouldn't surprise me if Callum comes back to haunt us next season.
I would however add, I am confident we will stay up, 🙏

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04 Jun 2020 20:10:00
Hi Mark.
I am hoping its all media rubbish mate, it could also be him playing hardball through influences, he knows he has done well at Coventry.
If it is true and we do lose him, I would have to question the integrity of our Owners, and Management.


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