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03 Aug 2023 14:02:03
Seems that De Ketelaere may be back in play if we can come up with £24m, although Football Italia seem to think he may be going out on loan to Atalanta

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24 Jul 2023 21:20:53
Probably one of the worst pieces of "journalism" I've ever seen on the BM and that says a lot.

" According to TyC journalist Gaston Edul, Inter have seen a €15 million (£12.9m) offer rejected by Villa. However, the Champions League finalists are said to be preparing a 'higher proposal' in order to try to convince Villa to sell this summer, although it's likely to take a lot more than the €15 million mentioned in order for Unai Emery and Co to even consider cashing in."

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25 Jul 2023 02:23:48
I think they left out a zero on the figure😂
With the players we bought and are trying to bring in I really can’t see him leaving this year I think he will want to see where we go this year.

22 Jul 2023 20:53:42
My lad just seen a post with, Emery and Diarby together . He's with team in America, waiting for international clearance .

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22 Jul 2023 21:03:38
Confirmed, he’s signed.

22 Jul 2023 20:32:25
Fabrizio Romano Reports Diaby has now signed for us and is now a Villa player.
True or just speculation?

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22 Jul 2023 20:58:58

He has signed a five year deal….confirmed

20 Jul 2023 21:51:05
Fee and contract agreed for diaby his coming no more rumours deals going to been sealed!

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20 Jul 2023 07:45:47
Don't know how reliable this site is but HardTackle have said Diaby has decided to join Al Nast.

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20 Jul 2023 08:21:04
Coming from the same source as recent days, Rudy Galletti, who is reportedly a little unreliable LotM - But, you know what they say, a broken clock is right twice a day so who knows. He's the only person reporting that Diaby has decided against Villa. Time will tell, I'd expect to hear something today or tomorrow, this is dragging on.

20 Jul 2023 09:35:11
This is a hard one to call there are so much conflicting reports, I think a lot of it is guessing to be honest.

20 Jul 2023 11:09:21
Max Lee, who is supposed to be very reputable, has said Villa have agreed a fee but apparently our wages are nowhere near as good as the Saudi club, apparently Diaby is waiting on them to agree a fee and will make a decision then! Fingers crossed!

20 Jul 2023 18:27:19
Diaby has signed for villa

20 Jul 2023 19:24:11
I can’t see anywhere that he’s actually signed, sorry to be a downer 🤷🏼‍♂️


20 Jul 2023 20:21:32
All over social media and sky sports

20 Jul 2023 21:11:13
He’s not signed, says he’s agreed to sign, but not signed 🤷🏼‍♂️


20 Jul 2023 21:12:03
Multiple sources are suggesting terms have been agreed in principle between player and both clubs - but no reputable sources are confirming it's 'done' - obviously it's not until things are actually signed.which they won't be unless a medical is passed first you'd assume.

20 Jul 2023 05:22:36
Remember a few weeks ago I said there could be a surprise exit or 2. rumours going round that L'pool are after Kamara, they're going to have £52M burning a hole in their pocket soon, I'd take that, he's replaceable at that kind of money, Kooperminer (spell check lol) the younger Thuram brother, and I'm sure there's a Spanish defensive mid Unai would have his eye on 🤷🏼‍♂️


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20 Jul 2023 06:20:20
I wouldn’t sell him full stop, we are looking to build a squad to try to win things, why would you sell one of the most accomplished defensive midfielders in the premiership to a rival? Anyway even if I were to consider a sale if Palace are looking for £70 million for Cheik Doucoure then I would certainly want more than that, Kamara is a much better player in my opinion.

20 Jul 2023 06:50:25
I agree on the price aspect and I wouldn’t want to sell him but as it’s a rumours site where you post about rumours 🤷🏼‍♂️ Try it another way, get a big fee for him, replace him with Koopa bloke, might get a defensive mid that isn’t injured half the season and his stats show that you might get 10+ goals out of him, Kamara had 1 assist last year, just saying 🤷🏼‍♂️


20 Jul 2023 07:03:54
I get the rumours bit Allstar that’s fine, I like Koopmeiners as well but I would rather we keep Kamara and buy Koopmeiners to add to the squad rather than sacrifice one to get the other. It has taken us an inordinate amount of time to start attracting quality players I want to keep as many as we can for as long as we can and keep adding to them.

20 Jul 2023 08:28:47
And bouba job is to break play up win tackles not score goals, if we sold him its complete maddness no villa fan would want too sell him he's one of our stars and he's only 22 all players get injured A72 can't be helped, and like lord said we are trying to build a squad to win cups and challenge top6 if anything koopermans would be a good signing to add to the squad

20 Jul 2023 09:21:37
I agree with both of you, just saying 🤷🏼‍♂️


20 Jul 2023 09:33:05
I see both sides of this one, keep him and our squad is building nicely or sell for 70 million and make huge profit on a player we got for free, he has had his injury problems since arriving and after all we did manage pretty well without him, it’s win win whatever happens imo, if he is to be sold though we need to squeeze every penny we can get out of them

19 Jul 2023 16:39:12
Deal nearly done according to reports in germany for diaby 60 million euros which smashes our transfer record think deal is 50 mil in pounds

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19 Jul 2023 17:25:59
This came from Football 365 nearly an hour ago.
I can’t understand why other football outlets haven’t picked up on it yet?

19 Jul 2023 15:59:37
1 winger who could be on villas list antonio zarzana from sevilla quality player with loads of pace got 2good feet and scores and assists would also be an upgrade on eot we have

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19 Jul 2023 16:52:52
I might be wrong but I don’t think this guy has played in La Liga he has played for Sevilla Reserves and Numancia and he failed to register a goal or an assist in 10 games. That doesn’t sound great to me to be honest.

19 Jul 2023 18:41:29
Yeah that's the 1 plays for spain u21s aswell

19 Jul 2023 18:43:36
Hes rated as 1 of best young wingers in europe lord seen quite abit of him he's a very good player lord

19 Jul 2023 19:32:16
Mad that you seen quiet a bit of him but never mentioned him until now 😂😂

18 Jul 2023 07:11:38
Al-Nassr going up against us for Diaby apparently. There's no doubt who can offer the higher wages. Depends what level he wants to be playing at 🤔

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18 Jul 2023 09:29:21
Yep plus he's in the french squad aswell doubt he will get picked playing in saudi league with euros nxt summer MD so fingers crossed he picks us instead of cashing out mate but u can't blame him if he does money talks now, villa will move on too nxt on monchi list anyway they are all going to be good players anyway were not shopping lower or mid market players now were looking at top level plsyers which makes a change

18 Jul 2023 12:23:49
Latest rumour he has accepted the once in a lifetime contract from the Saudis

18 Jul 2023 12:35:36
This type of signing was always going to be ambitious. If unsuccessful we must have other options ready to go immediately.

18 Jul 2023 12:37:28
R our comes from Italian broadcaster Sportitalia

18 Jul 2023 16:42:19
Would take those rumours with a pinch of salt. They also suggested Tielemans was off to Arsenal and have linked us with half of Europe.
It's all about distinguishing between legitimate sources or clickbait.

18 Jul 2023 18:24:55
If he goes to Saudi then ‘miraculously’ ends up on loan to Newcastle, if the Prem have any balls they should kick them out of the league, and UEFA the Champions League, personally I don’t care if he joins us, I think a striker/No9 is where our money should go


18 Jul 2023 18:52:16
I agree that if he goes to Newcastle some sanctions should apply, but will they? I doubt it.

18 Jul 2023 20:33:19
The whole takeover of Newcastle stinks, makes me chuckle inside knowing that if Man U were up for sale before them then they’d be in the Championship in freefall now, reckon it’s going to come back on them somewhere down the line though


18 Jul 2023 23:25:12
I don't think so ncastle are going to be a force mate they will be top4 again this season, city, lpool, arsenal, ncastle, manu, chelsea, villa, brighton
Thats my top 8

19 Jul 2023 08:16:41
Prediction… Howe will be sacked by Xmas, stick that in your ChrisAVFC file for future told you so’s lol 😂


19 Jul 2023 15:55:40
Ooo welcome back Chris

19 Jul 2023 21:24:55
@Daz, just to clarify, I’m not Chris, he was my nemesis lol 😂


19 Jul 2023 21:31:00
Whatever happened to that Shegfy lot anyway? If I remember right weren’t they trying to start their own echo chamber page where their only reason for living was to get a pat on the head off Flackie? 😂 (no offence to Flackie btw)



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