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18 Aug 2021 15:11:58
So Southampton are said to want 50 million for JWP. Should we push the boat out then and smash our transfer record once again?
My feeling is we should go for it but sell one or two players to help finance the deal.
What are your views lads?

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18 Aug 2021 16:04:19
Yes I have to agree Mark, no use pussyfooting about mate, and complaining later in the season.
Get it done, why look at him in the first place, we knew what he would cost.

18 Aug 2021 18:34:09
Agree with you both

Try and get some money for hourihane, nakamba, even el ghazi

That might give us 20 million towards it.

18 Aug 2021 18:45:59
Not for me guys not only is it too much but if we have only one big money move then I don’t think JWP is the enforcer type we need for me I would be asking Brighton about Bissouma.

18 Aug 2021 19:00:18
So would I John in the ideal world, but as it stands we have shown no interest in him at all mate.

18 Aug 2021 21:12:21
Not that we know of Dave I agree, but then again we hadn’t heard anything about Ings before it happened.

18 Aug 2021 21:27:55
True mate, I just want a decent DM, that is the position that would transform Villa in my opinion mate.

18 Aug 2021 21:52:39
Totally agree.

19 Aug 2021 11:36:10
Agree Dave, it’s like the final piece of the puzzle. First year in the championship we were a mess all over the park, yet we had Jedinak, can’t remember the star but it’s either we didn’t win a game without him playing, or we didn’t lose any game in which he started. Either way it highlights just how influential that role is and how even when the rest of the sides a mess, that position can be the difference!

The problem with most of the speculation here is that we have to find buyers for our players and in the market at the minute there’s very few clubs prepared to spend what clubs want or what players are worth, everyone wants a deal. Usually one of the relegated clubs will pay up for four or five players but that doesn’t seem to have happened.

On here we all know despite his record last season, El Ghazi is so hit and miss that if you want to achieve something he isn’t your man, the problem is if we know that 99% of clubs happy to pay for him will work it out before a deals done, (unless of course Tony Xia is back in club ownership😂) .

19 Aug 2021 13:13:57
He's involved in a club alright Chris but it involves someone called Bubba, a shower and a bar of soap.

19 Aug 2021 13:55:05
Oh dear, oh dear oh dear😂.

19 Aug 2021 19:47:24
In all fairness I don't think it would take the full £50m I think they'd find it very hard to turn down 40, but a lot of it would depend on how much JWP wants the move. More often than not these days a player gets what they want regardless of a clubs valuation.

19 Aug 2021 19:48:42
Nevermind just seen the news about his contract - forget everything I said lol.

16 Aug 2021 19:19:46
Quick question for markdavfrance

Being our resident french football expert how good is the boy sarr from Metz?

We were linked with him but now the big boys are circling . available for 40;million

Worth the money?

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16 Aug 2021 20:33:20
He’s good Smithy, a young Pogbaesque type, but 40 million is far too much IMO. Proving ones self in the French Ligue 1 is one thing, being able to cut it in the Premier league is another. It’s still early days for Sarr, but he is talented yes. The work permit issue could mean paying over the odds to get round it apparently but for 40 million I think there are probably better options out there.

16 Aug 2021 21:11:40
What I can see happening with this 1 is someone will buy him at a price less than that £40M and loan him back to Metz, by the end of the season he might have played enough international games to make a difference for the work permit, I’d say that rules us out as our need is for a DM here and now but who knows if we ship out a few players and see it as a long term investment 🤷🏼‍♂️


16 Aug 2021 17:15:17
Caleb Chukwuemeka has joined 😁

Now question is what will be on the back of his shirt if his brother features in the same game?

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16 Aug 2021 18:02:23
Moms 1st born?

16 Aug 2021 22:55:43
I'd like to see Chucky 1 / Chucky 2 😁.

17 Aug 2021 06:02:23
That would be Childs Play.

15 Aug 2021 13:18:27
The consensus seems to be that we need a quality DM and left sided midfield/ winger to take us forward/ to complete the jigsaw. Somebody on the Vital Villa site has just posted something that might be of interest. If you don’t follow the VV forum he has posted that Borussia Monchengladbach, due to their financial dilemmas, are willing to sell Denis Zakaria, DM, and Marcus Thuram, LM/ LW for a combined 50 million. Both are 24, ( right age) and both would surely be upgrades on what we currently have in those positions.

{Ed002's Note - Neither will be joining Aston Villa Mark.}

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15 Aug 2021 13:31:03

15 Aug 2021 18:37:45
Wouldn’t mind either or both mark, looks like the CM or CDM position is the more pressing of the 2, I still think there will be at least 1 more incoming before the window shuts, hard to tell who it will be as our business is kept pretty quiet and the “in the know people” generally don’t have a clue.

15 Aug 2021 19:49:03
Mark, have you being talking to dave? Is he still unable to post or has he given up on the site?

15 Aug 2021 20:15:33
Would love the pre injury Zakaria, he was on course to be one of the best in the world in the world IMO. Hasn’t been the same player since, hope he gets back to his best, nothing to do with Villa, just hate to see when injuries ruin players. Amavi is another, would of been one of the best in the world for me, before his injury he had everything, when he came back he was so timid and defensively not half the player he was before.

15 Aug 2021 20:56:52
Not “one of the best in the world in the world”😂 *one of the best in the world in that role.

15 Aug 2021 21:31:01
I am in contact Whack, and Dave would like to know when he can start posting again. He did tell me that he will be more selective and less active on the site, if and when he is permitted to participate again.

15 Aug 2021 22:27:25
Whack, I’ve tried replying to your question regarding Dave twice now but both posts were refused it would appear.
I’m replying again out of courtesy but I’m not going to say anything on the subject because it would seem that is forbidden mate.

16 Aug 2021 10:41:39
When you next speak to Dave mdf give him my best I certainly miss his posts.

16 Aug 2021 10:41:39
When you next speak to Dave mdf give him my best I certainly miss his posts.

17 Aug 2021 08:59:37
I am not sure that the CEO will agree to any further signings, Smith as much as said so recently. I think they will go with what they have then try again in January if need be, with or without Smith! After £300million transfer activity and no Jack he needs to prove himself?

17 Aug 2021 16:22:47
If the reported bid for Doucoure was made, it would suggest a final transfer could still be in the can. I do still expect some outgoings may well occur, but whether that will only be in the form of loans, who knows?

17 Aug 2021 22:40:15
I doubt we will see any further signings, he has been backed at an unbelievable level its time for results!

10 Aug 2021 15:55:15
Rumour has it that El Ghazi and Wesley have been told they are free to find new clubs. A bit harsh on El Ghazi I feel, but I know others will disagree 🇪🇬.

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10 Aug 2021 16:45:35
I agree Menace as back up I think he is more than decent and now Jack has gone he deserves his chance to compete with the new signings. Apparently Mourinho rates him and in fairness he isn’t a bad judge of a player.

10 Aug 2021 17:34:05
If true, it may mean the signing of another wide man is imminent. 15- 20 million for AEG would soften the blow of forking out for a 40 million player for thé left flank for instance.

10 Aug 2021 18:55:02
I like El Ghazi, he's got all the necessary skillset to be a top player but, like most wide men, consistency is sometimes missing. Like the fact he's manned up and ditched the gloves plus he's a goal threat. That being said, if we get someone in who's an upgrade it makes sense why his stock is relatively high. And he's great at penalties. Useful as a squad option and I think he'll start Saturday. I guess, along with losing you know who, it shows there's no sentiment in football anymore. Personally I'd be sad to see him go as I feel he's still got more to offer.

10 Aug 2021 20:03:03
If it is true, El Ghazi is unlucky in that Trez is injured, if he wasn’t you’d have to bet he’d be the one going.

11 Aug 2021 10:32:07
I think el gazi should go never really rated him to much 1 good game In 5/ 10 is not a player we need. I don’t think we need another winger personally with buendia young Bailey traore and trez when he comes back from injury I think we are well stocked I would like to see another midfielder come into play hopefully JWP.

11 Aug 2021 12:29:17
I am not a big AEG fan tbh. He has genuine skills, including a good shot, but he just seems to drift out of games. For me, I think he needs to show better consistency if he is to feature in a side aiming to be a top six outfit.

I know stats can be used out of context, but he lays on very little for others, which you would have expected from a winger. He is certainly not dire, but if everyone is fit, will he feature?

11 Aug 2021 17:52:50
I'm with you AJ, for me if we want to go to the next level we need to improve on El Ghazi and Trez.

12 Aug 2021 23:22:59
I think if El Ghazi goes it means one of two things - Either the coaching staff have seen enough of Bidace in pre season to think he'll step up and be a better option. or we're loaning out Bidace and getting a new player in. probably Cantwell by the sounds of it.
Agree with the previous point that if Trez wasn't injured, he'd be the one to make way based on ability.

09 Aug 2021 15:45:50
Hope the rumours of this Cheick Deucore are correct, right age, big and strong DM . He certainly looks what we need, a destroyer. Marvellous has been doing a good job, but this kid looks more imposing. Against the better sides, we could always play both, because we have more than enough, going forwards .
We wait and see .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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09 Aug 2021 16:17:52
He looks a decent unit, though it seems we have yet to table an offer and Atalanta are also interested. Lens are looking for 1 million - Markdavfrance - any insight?

09 Aug 2021 16:47:30
Menace, I think you’ll find Lens are reported to want around 15 million euros for Doucoure. Haven’t seen a great deal of him to be honest but he did play in all of Lens games last season, and they finished a very creditable 7th in Ligue 1. He is said to have played a big part in that achievement.
Apparently he learned his trade at the same Academy as Yves Bissouma, doesn’t of course mean he’s as talented but hey you never know, could be a gem in the making.

09 Aug 2021 16:56:30
Forgot to mention, I watched Metz v Lille last night, just to take a look at Pape Matar Sarr, as Villa have shown an interest. I can definitely see why, what a terrific young player he is. Very box to box type performance and his style reminded me of Paul Pogba.

09 Aug 2021 18:10:01
At six foot I wouldn’t really say he was big or a unit, but in all the stats and highlights I’ve seen, it’s clear to see why we’re after him!

10 Aug 2021 09:49:55
Sorry Mark. I did type 15 million but, over lockdown, my keyboard has become increasingly full of cake crumbs so occasionally skips a character 🍰.

13 Aug 2021 23:39:53
If any position still appears open for a recruit, DM looks to be it. I get the feeling that any further additions will be few now. In some ways, I am comfortable with that because I think too much change is hard for a squad to digest.

But for some floppy haired guy doing the dirty on us, it had appeared that 2 or 3 changes in the pipeline were the sum of our recruitment plan. Now we could be looking at 6 or 7 new players, all told. That is a big number to integrate with little run in to the season.

Perhaps we might now see a swing towards a few outgoings; either as loans or possible sales. Big Wes, Hourihane and maybe AEG could potentially feature.

In many ways, I would hope a smattering of the younger guys now get the chance to come into Smith’s final squad. Sinasalo, Chuckwuemeka (Jr) and Philogene-Bidace appear to have made decent bids.

Weighing it all up, I think we are shaping up pretty well, but as fans, we need to remain patient. There is plenty of player bedding in to achieve over the next few months.

Clearly, our plan to bring in Buendia as a second source of real creativity took a bit of a backwards step with the loss our our original inspiration, but other strengths have compensated. The addition of Danny Ings, in particular, demonstrates this.

Given our need to react quickly to the loss of a key player, I think we have good reason to remain optimistic that we have managed to remain on course with our development plan. Whether this year will be a big step forwards, I am not certain, but, arguably, I only see five teams markedly ahead of us in terms of squad strength.

08 Aug 2021 14:09:41
We have beaten Steve Bruce's Newcastle to sign up Axel Tuanzebe for a third loan spell with us.

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08 Aug 2021 13:11:27
Axel back 👍😷.

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08 Aug 2021 14:32:15
That’s great news Dave 👍.

08 Aug 2021 13:04:57
Axel just confirmed, welcome back lad and good luck in the season ahead.

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08 Aug 2021 17:32:43
Despite days worth of articles claiming he has "picked" Newcastle over us due to promised playing time - got to love NewsNow and all those 'in the know'.

08 Aug 2021 19:14:44
Lol there has being a lot of that going on this window, villa conducting their business really well and everyone involved are keeping the information well under wraps and allowing us to get our deals done without interference which is great and probably saving us a few quid aswel.

08 Aug 2021 09:36:50
See that were linked with the Bournemouth winger this morning, hopefully it's just paper bs.
Surely we don't need another winger?

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08 Aug 2021 11:20:37
I think we could do with one to be fair, Ings and Watkins compete centrally, Buendia and Bailey either side, with only El Ghazi and Traore to compete with them. Someone else of higher quality wouldn’t go amiss.

08 Aug 2021 11:31:07
Depends what system is adopted Chris.

He might opt for Watkins up top with ings dropping in the hole with buendia on the left and Bailey on the right.

08 Aug 2021 11:57:28
The more options the better but I think if we bring in another wide man it will mean au revoir for AEG. So the decision makers will need to be certain whoever it is, is a significant upgrade of Anwar. On his day he’s virtually unplayable, and may just find that consistency, if he gets another season. It’s a tough one with Anwar, I’m leaning towards keeping hold of him, I’m not convinced Danjuma would be better. If it were me, I would be concentrating our efforts on acquiring someone who can control the centre of the park, someone like JWP or Bissouma.

08 Aug 2021 13:34:08
I agree mdf I really hope it’s Bissouma or someone of that ilk but if we are going for an attacking option then we should try for Damsgaard that might be a difficult one to pull off as once clubs knew of his availability then I am sure some of the big boys from across Europe would be interested but worth a try non the less. I hope we don’t sign Cantwell not that he isn’t a decent player but he is not worth more than Buendia, I know clubs know we have money but £35 to £40 million for someone who is nowhere near the national squad is taking the p###.

08 Aug 2021 14:24:17
Yes, I understand Norwich have the option to extend Cantwell’s contract until June 2023, which is most likely why they’re asking so much. However if come the end of this season Cantwell still declines to sign a longer term contract, we may be able to get him for a lot less, particularly if Norwich do what they usually do and get relegated. That is of course if we’re still interested in him come next Summer.


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