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16 Oct 2021 19:16:25
Personally i'd like sean dyche as manager most on here probably won't because of his style but burnly haven't got a lot of money so you have to play that way, we all know burnly won't go dwn, dyche is the 1 holding all together there.

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16 Oct 2021 19:55:19
I bet you wasn't moaning when we was 2-0 up though eh? FICKLE!

16 Oct 2021 20:11:40
I wasn't totally happy at 2 0 i could see a problem which proved to be correct.

16 Oct 2021 20:21:18
Not fickle questioning the manager after we threw a 2-0 lead down the bog
I bet if our manager wasn’t a fan who likes a sup with the lads who wears luke you’d have been moaning about today
That’s fickle.

16 Oct 2021 20:23:27
Calmed down a bit now put it down to another learning curve for dean and it wasnt all his fault southgate turns mings into a clueless pudding for a week tuanzebe being dropped last time out possibly affected his confidence not sure what to say about buendia its just not working for him in this 2 up top formation i'd like to see the return of the wing formation and 1 up front probably ings. benching watkins is harsh but he's the one lacking in the 2. I want bailey and traore and ings in the middle of em and the 4 at the back that worked so well last season utv.

16 Oct 2021 23:52:58
The constant calls for the manager to be sacked every time things don't go our way is getting really boring now. It's just so reactive it's like listening to kids at times. fair enough if you are I suppose.
3 years ago we were a mid table championship team, today we're a mid table premiership team. We now have a team of relatively new players, lots of youth, lots of potential and genuine hope for the future. Realistically, there are at least 6-8 teams who have more mature squads and/ or better players, so by definition we're a mid table team and part of that means that we're going to win, draw and lose in fairly equal measure over the course of the season while our team hopefully matures and progresses. I hope we do better than that, of course I do, but I don't expect it. Today was frustrating and yes, it's fair to ask questions about tactics and subs, but calling for Smith to be sacked now is ludicrous. Take a breath, look past the short term pain and appreciate the bigger picture.

17 Oct 2021 04:49:43
Who cares its now that matters and my opinion won't change while he is in charge we won't go anywhere the mans clueless he s not a good manager at all.

17 Oct 2021 10:04:20
Took a break from the site recently but have to weigh in here lads. It's perfectly fine to be critical of Smith but not want him sacked, I think calls for his head are excessive but I absolutely can understand why fan have become slightly disillusioned with Smith. 5-3-2 works against certain teams and doesn't against others, there is a distinct lack of flexibility despite now having a squad filled with options. If he doesn't show more adaptability and improved game management then he will ultimately lose his job, and I don't subscribe to the "well who do we get that's better" argument, Smith deserves a chance to continue in the role but if performances don't become more consistent he will pay the price. Now let's get behind the team!

16 Oct 2021 18:47:48
Totally self inflicted, manager and player's alike. Schoolboy defending and inept decisions from the coaching team (smith) . When you are 2 0 up and controlling the game to then sit back is criminal. Disappointment all round. Wolves are a very average side this season and were there for the taking. System change required and hopefully next week. Smith has the players so poor results, the buck stops with him. i'm not calling for his head but he is his own worst enemy and if he is not careful it might well do for him. Mings had an air of arrogance about him today however didn't have the quality to back it up. Poor show.

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16 Oct 2021 18:20:56
As bad as that final 10 minutes was, and it was as bad it gets, we have to give Wolves credit. They believed they could get something out of it as soon as they scored their 1st goal. At no point in the first 80 did I think Wolves would score one goal let alone 3 in the last 10 plus injury time.
McGinn was class today as was Luiz IMO.
Watkins? I'm seeing some worrying signs and his body language is also a concern.
Has his head been turned by some of the talk in the media of a move back to London?
I'm not saying he is playing badly, just that we're not seeing the type of energy we saw last year where he dragged defenders out of their comfort zone. Is playing alongside Ings an issue? Anyway I arrived home safely and will settle down to a bottle or two of San Miguel (other beverages are available)
UTV and keep the faith!

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16 Oct 2021 19:15:32
T77 couldn't agree more about ollie, something is definitely not right, the fans around me in the doug ellis were saying ings and Ollie don't work and i tend to agree. Smith can't persevere with something that patently isn't working, even if we had won today i still think there is a problem.

16 Oct 2021 18:07:33
This team does has potiential, we need to drop 352 formation doesn't work for me you need to fast wingbcks we got 1 with cash plus also you need 3 good cbs we got 2 konsa, hause,

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16 Oct 2021 19:57:33
It’s clear Villa4eva that you are a little vexed by today’s result looking at the number of posts and also the variability of them also. I can assure you I share your frustration at today’s result and avoided kicking the cat into next week by the barest of margins (heard that somewhere else? )
Mr Smith might not be the man to take us on but he is in charge at the moment and we should continue to back him. He hasn’t let us down in the 3 years or so he’s been in charge. If a change comes, I’m sure the owners will have it sorted, until then we should get behind the him and the team and help drive them on next week. UTV!

16 Oct 2021 17:26:51
Theres 4 managers who are on borrowed time in my opinion, ogs, farke, bruce, and our manager.

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16 Oct 2021 17:42:16
So let’s assume your right, and I hope to god you aren’t who do you replace him with, and let’s keep the suggestions sensible.

16 Oct 2021 18:01:01
Stevn gereard, potter, blanc lampard.

16 Oct 2021 18:09:52
But if i was our owners i'd go fr joachim lowe out of work would be the dream appointment for me ticks every box.

16 Oct 2021 18:17:29
Putting Lampard in there takes away all credibility. Gerrard still needs to do anything credible, winning the SPL when Celtic didn't even turn up isn't an achievement.
Brighton have had a good start but they won't stay where they are. Potter is decent but not an upgrade.

16 Oct 2021 18:22:30
Gerrard isn’t going anywhere other than Anfield. Lampard achieved nothing at Chelsea and was shown to be tactically inept both there and whilst losing to us in the Championship final at Wembley. I am not sure what Blanc is doing presently but would he be interested in us? I doubt it. Potter is a decent shout but I fail to understand why after a bad result a number of ‘fans’ seem intent on sacking Deano just a couple of weeks after we win at Old Trafford beggars belief.

16 Oct 2021 18:30:08
Low ticks all the boxes does he? As a club manager I think his record is something like one Austrian Championship and 1 German cup hardly sets the world alight added to that he has no experience of English football bit of a downgrade if you ask me.

16 Oct 2021 18:48:55
Paolo fonseca would be high up on the list

If it’s British then what about eddie Howe?

16 Oct 2021 18:52:43
We talking about same manager who managed germany and bloodied loads of youngsters and won world cup.

16 Oct 2021 19:13:39
It’s different managing a national team as opposed to a club side as a national coach you have your pick of the best talent available you don’t have that luxury as a club coach. I would take a successful club coach over a successful national coach every day of the week.

16 Oct 2021 17:11:30
Ncastle need a manager they can take ours never rated him, good in championship but in prem he can't cut it makes stupid decisions.

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16 Oct 2021 16:53:35
This is why this manager is not a good manager 2nil up and go defensive, fair play to wolves and neve7 i spoke too soon another mistake from mings aswell ducking instead of heading ball.

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16 Oct 2021 17:06:25
Except the fact that every sub was a like for like change?
I didn't agree with bringing Young on. With Traore there I'd have switched to a back 4 with Axel right back but to say he went defensive is making up stories.

16 Oct 2021 17:08:26
I haven't at any point thought dean smith should be sacked but given the situation with newcastle and losing to a very poor wolves team in that fashion we need to act quickly and get a solid winner in charge or unfortunately that next level will always be out of reach.

16 Oct 2021 17:09:13
Typing this as I’m sat in my car.
I will be lucky to get home without having an accident. I am absolutely stunned, I’m literally shaking with disbelief.
I don’t know what to say.

16 Oct 2021 17:11:12
I don’t agree with a lot of things you post on here 4eva but I have to agree with that one, all on smith this one, no ambition once again, absolute clown if you ask me, don’t know how we managed to lose, I think those substitutions drained every bit of out confidence at the back, Ashley young stealing a living, axel is so clumsy I don’t see what anyone sees in him tbh, give me hause any day over him, hause always a threat in the air also. gutted but we got what we deserved in the end.

16 Oct 2021 17:28:33
The last two games have defined where are. Both are games we must win if we have top six ambitions. We are just not there yet. I think the players are good enough so it is down to coaching and tactics. We are just too slow and ponderous in possession and starting to look fragile defending a lead. Sad to say mid table is where we will stay this year.

16 Oct 2021 17:40:52
Why does mings always come back from England duty a floppy sausage? Watch him put a shift in next game??‍♂️.

16 Oct 2021 16:12:07
Whatever the result between Cardiff and Swansea tomorrow, Small Heath are guaranteed to drop another place which will leave them just 3 places and 3 points above the drop. Shame ??.

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16 Oct 2021 17:44:09
Maybe worry about ourselves not clubs in a different league eh?

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