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19 May 2024 17:34:40
We so need a 2nd class gk olsen is shocking he couldn't catch a cold

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19 May 2024 18:21:53
Don’t need a world class backup but we need better than him, there’s lots of keepers out there who will jump at the chance to join up with us now we have champions league

19 May 2024 17:33:08
This is getting bad now come on

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19 May 2024 17:20:35
Never any doubt that Olsen would concede a bucket load, my only hope is that it's his last ever game for villa, stats don't lie he's a joke and nowhere near premier league level, I'm quiet surprised he didn't give the new kid a chance when we had nothing to lose, let's face it there was never any chance of winning this one with Olsen in goal and chambers anywhere near the starting 11.

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19 May 2024 17:48:14
The majority of Olsens appearances come when we massively change the side. What is he supposed to do when half the team in front of him are all over the place?
Of course he's not at the level of Martinez, it's literally not possible to get a second choice goalkeeper at that level unless you can afford to pay £100k+ a week for someone to play a handful of games a season.
I can guarantee though that most of the games Olsen concedes a hatful, Emi might concede 1 less if you put the same team in front of him.
Everyone says replace Olsen but never come up with a sensible solution. Gauci might turn out to be quality but it's better to save him for pre season, he's only ever played in Australia which is barely League 2 level, and that's being generous.

19 May 2024 18:19:49
Stats don’t lie RK, not sure why you keep defending him, at least 3 of those goals today a half decent keeper would at least get a hand to them but they were in the net before he knew what happened.
It’s not just his keeping, he’s not suitable to play out from the back he’s to indecisive he telegraphs the short passes and ends up getting the ball back immediately and having to hoof it and give away possession constantly. the defence is a bag of nerves when he’s in goal cause they have no confidence in him. there were bigger issues today, Carlos and lenglet were awful, Carlos has a few good games but he’s not a top 4 or 5 defender and needs upgrading imo, midfield was missing for most of the game, we desperately need another Bailey like attacker who can take on defenders, Diaby is good running into space but he’s not great running at defenders, Emery made the right calls today no point risking Bailey, rogers or tielemans when we had nothing to play for, not sure why Martinez wasn’t in the squad. I still would of played Gauci for the experience, I stand by my comments, Olsen is a disgrace and wouldn’t be first choice in the championship let alone champions league if we needed him. goal keepers have more to do than just stop shots, a good keeper can help control a game and also organise his defence, he can’t do any of those things. I don’t expect us to have a spare keeper on 100k a week don’t be daft, name a worse keeper in the premier league? Better to have a young keeper that can learn from Martinez as backup than someone who’s finished at this level and has proven time and time again that he’s a liability, he has no confidence in himself it’s no surprise that the players have none in him either, his day is done at villa watch the space

19 May 2024 18:37:52
1 young gk i do rate is james trafford he's going to be good

{Ed001's Note - is he? In what way? He is a terrible shot stopper and consistently kicks the ball into touch in a panic when asked to play out from the back. He is dog muck. Nearly cost England in the U21s last summer.}

19 May 2024 18:49:48
I turned off after 4-0 but which of those should he have saved? Please don't say the Eze one for 3-0 otherwise you need help.
I don't think Olsen is good enough but it's still an outfield problem first and foremost, no goalkeeper would have changed the negative results we've had with him in goal solely because the outfield create so many problems.
We are a team that can handle rotating 2, maybe 3 players. As soon as we are getting up to 4,5,6 players it just becomes a mess regardless of their individual abilities.

19 May 2024 19:05:16
Also, stays very much do lie. Put Martinez in Sheffield Uniteds goal and he's conceding a lot of goals.
Before you say that is putting him in a different team, that's essentially what Olsen is being asked to do most of the time, play in an almost completely different team.

19 May 2024 19:08:20
In fairness I agree Olsen isn’t good enough but I don’t think it’s entirely his fault as he is being asked to play in a way that doesn’t suit him ie with the ball at his feet and as you say Whack whatever version of the back four we play it is clear they have little confidence in him.

I think he will be gone come the start of the new season. In terms of who we replace him with I guess that depends what you want, whenever I see Kelleher at Liverpool play he looks like a quality operator to me, but he won’t come cheap and I am not sure he would go from playing second fiddle at Anfield to perform the same role at Villa. A cheap option available I believe on a free is Kasper Schmeichel giving him a 12 month contract whilst we see how Gauci develops might not be a bad option.

I see Eze got 2 today I really wish rather than the names being touted we would move for him, he can play anywhere across the midfield he knows the league and wouldn’t take time to adapt, he has been great with Palace but if you stuck him in with better players, I think he would make a real difference. Still it’s been a great season.

19 May 2024 20:58:31
You have your opinion RK and I have mine it’s obvious we won’t agree on this topic so no point arguing about it, if you read my comments completely you will see I said we had other problems ie defence and midfield also today, he’s played 1 full game for us where he hasn’t let in at least 3 if I was to guess. I also didn’t say he should of saved eze shot but 3 times the ball was in the net today before he dived because he’s asleep, his building from the back also had us constantly under pressure causing more goals, you have sympathy for him but I don’t have sympathy for anyone earning thousands every week to do a job he’s not capable of.

19 May 2024 21:46:12
If we do replace Olsen, let's just bookmark this so we can all see the same posts next time we play a massively changed team that concedes goals.

19 May 2024 15:14:53
Interesting to see the links to Conor Gallagher, but I'm not quite sure what to make of them. I quite like Gallagher as a footballer he gets round the pitch tends to keep it simple and chips in with the odd goal, but I don't know how to describe him so for me he isn't a defensive midfielder, nor do I see him as either an attacking midfielder or someone who goes box to box and therefore as such I'm not sure where he would fit in to our set up, and I'm pretty sure Emery won't change his style to accommodate one player. The other suggestion that we include Duran as part of any deal for me would be a no no. I think we have seen enough in the limited time he has had on the pitch that he is a player and someone we should persevere with.

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19 May 2024 12:54:05
Last game of season, its going to be like a friendly nothing to play us villa fans can have some beers and relax for once no matter what the result is UTV so proud of the boys and love unai what a manager

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19 May 2024 12:20:28
Predictions for today? Not that it matters but it would be nice to go out on a win. We won the reverse fixture 3-1 but Palace see to be finishing the season on a high. I've seen a number of predictions that we'll lose but I'm going 1-1. I suppose there's always the possibility that Emery will field a changed team of youngsters, then all bets are off 🤔

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18 May 2024 12:07:32
Any1 watching fury tonight? My moneys on fury stoppage 8th rnd

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18 May 2024 13:36:56
Nah. If I wanted to see two big blokes beating lumps out of each other on a Saturday night, I’d just pop down my local at closing time 😂 I reckon Fury will do it sooner than that - maybe the 6th?

18 May 2024 15:01:34
I'm going usyk to cause an upset.

19 May 2024 01:50:47
Close fight, I scored it a draw but I was probably being generous to fury, 2 rounds I thought were very close so maybe it was a draw round which would see usyk win by 1 point, good fight, Tyson best days behind him now

19 May 2024 03:52:42
I had usyk up by 2 but fury should of been stopped in 9th shocking ref didn't let usyk ko fury

19 May 2024 08:40:21
100% Jonny


19 May 2024 10:50:12
Unless they've changed the rules recently (i don't follow as closely as i used to), the referee did the right thing and stuck to the rules as it was only the ropes/corner holding Fury up which should be an automatic was originally designed to stop people getting seriously hurt, despite some people wanting to see a KO in those situations.

18 May 2024 00:13:39
Seems to have gone under the radar about Watkins winning villas players and fans player of the season, congrats to him it's well deserved after 40 goal involvements👌
Duran v palace got goal of the season and Emi got some kind of award for his personal achievements. didn't see who got young player of the season.
fingers crossed for Emery to win manager of the season, he has achieved so much on so much less than the big guns this last calendar year.

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18 May 2024 07:55:48
I don't think there was a young player of the season, at least for the first team.
Maybe the club feel like it's more motivation to those players that they have to be better than everyone to pick up one of the 2 senior awards.

17 May 2024 00:32:21
Well, if Dougie does go, then at least Stevie's star buy from Aldi (Coutinho) is still on our books 😱

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16 May 2024 19:57:08
Keep VAR and the leave all the final decisions just to the referee on the pitch he call they show him or her the incident at full speed on replay he then decides foul or no foul the VAR not their to rereferee semi automatic decisions will solve the offside problem

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