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Team: Aston Villa

Where from: Lutterworth

Favourite player: Alan shearer

Best team moment: Beating arsenal 3-2 on Boxing Day, 1998 I think
2-0 down at half time

Interests: Football, family and going football with my family!

Timezone: (GMT) Western Europe Time, London, Lisbon, Casablanca

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08 Jan 2019 12:26:09
Tammy turns down wolves! 😱.

1.) 08 Jan 2019 12:56:27
He wanted to stay with the bigger club.

2.) 08 Jan 2019 13:40:25
Wait till the news comes out that fifa rejected the move.

3.) 08 Jan 2019 16:11:52
Wolves fan seems to have gone quiet haha.

4.) 12 Jan 2019 17:47:33
Not as quiet as it is in here today!
lol. 🤭🤭🤭🤭
Wigan 🙈



31 Jan 2018 10:59:12
I can not believe the club are turning their backs on Hutton.
Most committed and underrated player we have. Best right back, best left back. always an out for the ball, and is genuinely our enforcer, never moans, from what I hear first at training, and last to leave. yet the club willing to turn back on him.

1.) 31 Jan 2018 15:39:22
Alan hutton is committed and he tackles like johnny giles chin up alan hutton.

2.) 31 Jan 2018 15:58:02
How long should we keep hutton his been good but his ageing Flackie not good enough for the premier league.

3.) 31 Jan 2018 17:48:17
So he isn’t good enough as a squad player?
Whether you think him rubbish or not good enough he has earnt the right to be offered a contract, and whether he good enough, he is still the best at the club, on both flanks!



03 Jul 2017 13:04:09
Terry signed

Didn't see that coming.

1.) 03 Jul 2017 13:53:14
I know what a surprise.

2.) 03 Jul 2017 15:27:50
Im bowled over.

3.) 03 Jul 2017 23:40:54
Have we signed john terry or something?



30 Dec 2016 10:43:04
Heard a rumour Richards to china for 5 mil
Not sure if we pay them, or they pay us. either way, it's a good deal.

1.) 03 Jan 2017 19:10:11
Most of the recycling is sent to china for reuse. Makes sense we start sending our rubbish (Richards) as well lol.



27 Jul 2016 20:58:58
Moyes pulls plug on Richards going to Sunderland.
Perhaps Moyes knows more about football than I thought.

1.) 27 Jul 2016 23:09:40
I absolutely agree with that. If Moyes had signed him for £5million I would have celebrated all summer! Richards is never ever a premiership centre half, and
I'm truely amazed he ever thought he could be, he is quite Simply the worst example I have ever seen in a Villa shirt! Totally disillusioned and robbing a living
as a footballer.




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27 Oct 2018 17:32:56
I’m so gutted about hoddle, one of the best footballers I’ve ever seen, the best coach I’ve ever witnessed, and I great man.
I wish him well, and his family and friends good news.

1.) 27 Oct 2018 18:34:09
Best wishes to hoddle and his family
Have a speedy recovery.
Great player and great man,
Fantastic player to watch play the game with so much grace.



10 Oct 2018 22:25:52
Yay! That is exactly what the club and fans needed.
Clear direction, clear leadership, and a manager that only has the club at heart.

and maybe, just maybe, we will now see hogan shine.

1.) 10 Oct 2018 23:33:38
It's great appointment, in excited by this appointment up the villa, in not bothered if we don't go up this season because it's going to take a bit for new managers style to work think next season, we will be flying, I'm 1000 percent behind these 3 no moaning from me ha ha.



07 Oct 2018 18:32:08
Rogers says he not interested.

{Ed001's Note - lucky escape!}

1.) 07 Oct 2018 18:48:56
Jesus, there you are!

How are you big man?

{Ed001's Note - good thanks mate, now we had a lucky escape at the end there. Beginning to think me mate is a Jonah though. Since he has been coming round to watch the games we haven't won one.}

2.) 07 Oct 2018 18:54:43
Jesus, has he brought a season ticket at Villa?



07 Oct 2018 15:39:19
Personally I really hope the rumours are true.
Henry manager, terry player/ coach

If an ex player like Henry can’t get our attack firing then I seriously don’t think anyone can, and we know that Terry will sort the defence out.

I genuinely think that the goal keeper will be a great addition once there is a belief in what is in front of him.


1.) 07 Oct 2018 15:50:27
I agree with u Flaks.

2.) 07 Oct 2018 16:12:12
Do you think Terry will be a player/ Coach if rumours are true?

3.) 07 Oct 2018 16:41:57
I'm really excited of these rummors if there true,
They would both attract good players, to the club,
Our attackers will only get better learning from Henry,
Think Terry could well play with a bit of luck.
Our defence really needs leadership at the back.
My concern with the set up now we really need a good goalie and we can't bring one in till Christmas and hopefully we are not to far of the play off places, then,

4.) 07 Oct 2018 16:52:59
We have a great goalie, but one who’s confidence is shot.
He doesn’t become his country’s number 1 unless he is.

A fractured defence has destroyed him.

5.) 07 Oct 2018 17:05:04

Sorry to disagree about the goalie,
Yes out defence is shaky but he is very poor on crosses and does not look A commanding guy at all,
It could prove me wrong but to call him a "great goalkeeper""
Is over the top.

6.) 07 Oct 2018 17:42:58
Less than 20 games for us, do not change the fact that through his career he has been an exceptional keeper.

Became his countries first choice, and raved from every where he has been a player.

I agree his start has been less than great, but that’s to do with what is in front of him.

Also, Johnston was not great in the start of his villa stint.
Look how he finished.

7.) 07 Oct 2018 17:57:22
Bob not sure if you remember I was saying the same thing to you a few weeks ago about our keeper.
The guy needs time, he has no confidence in his defence, if they make a mistake he is left to cover, he makes a mistake it`s in the net.
He will blossom with a decent back line.

8.) 07 Oct 2018 18:19:54
Exactly Dave!

9.) 08 Oct 2018 07:11:17
Flackie and Dave,

I will reserve judgement on the goalie,
I hope you both are right but I don't see a potential great goalie,
We will leave it there for now.



04 Oct 2018 21:05:56
I posted this in another thread, but it’s got lost with so many new posts, all good posts, that isn’t a criticism, before I’m jumped on! Just wanted to know if people agree with points made, and what their thoughts are!

Personally I think we need to address what we want before we decide on who.

Do we want some one passionate about the club? Who has villa in their DNA? If yes, for me Mellberg

Do we want someone who has experience of this league, and it has to be not just being in the championship, but getting out of it? If yes, for me Rafa

Do we want someone new, fresh and current? If yes, for me terry

Or do we want someone big, to make a statement? If yes, for me conte

Who ever we go for, I think they inherit the best squad that’s been at villa for years, and thankfully no one is running away with it yet.

One more point, personally I wouldn’t be against sherwood coming back. but, the problem here is, he failed once, and if it didn’t work from match one, the boo boys, and press would be on his back straight away.

1.) 04 Oct 2018 21:40:10
Yeh I read it earlier mate.
I think you make some good points, we really do need to get it right this time around.
I think if you are coached football as it is meant to be played you do have a chance.
Get someone in who works that way and I will be more than happy.
If a boxer won`t throw a punch, he won`t win.
As you say the squad is there already.

2.) 04 Oct 2018 21:56:10
Flackie, nice to see you back on here posting .
I agree with what you say, but at the end of the day, even though e would like to, I can’t see us getting a say . You can bet the phones been red hot . We now have a different type of owners .

Not saying that Dr T, didn’t have a genuine love of the club but he didn’t have the financial clout to carry it through . These new owners, it’s their money and not controlled by others . I still think this fair play ruling, may still have some say in who we can get .

We just hope they make the right decision, the Villa plus our sanity depends on it .
Once again, glad your posting again .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

3.) 04 Oct 2018 22:11:24
I agree Dave, and that’s a great analogy.

So where do you sit? What would you like, and who?

4.) 04 Oct 2018 22:29:23
Thanks davedean.
We are still in touching distance. the right man now, and we will still win this division.

Personally, I hope they get someone passionate about villa. I’d love Mellberg. Perhaps with petrov on the coaching staff.

5.) 04 Oct 2018 22:46:57
Flackie great shout, that would be a dream team, for all Villa fans . Even better, find a place for Larsen as defensive coach .
Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

6.) 05 Oct 2018 07:34:52
Flackie good posts,
I would take melburg with laursen in a heartbeat but these owners will not go for these in my opinion,
Henry could work If he has a experienced assistant with him in dugout,
Seems that Moyes is now the clear favourite?
When he was at Everton he was the one I wanted at villa but not now,
I wanted fonceca this time along with Gallardo but they are not happenings,
You mentioned rafa, only problem there is he fell out badly with purslow when at Liverpool,
Not the best of friends,
If you ask me now who is going to come here I would say Rogers.
He is clearly unhappy with the Celtic board and there transfer failures,

7.) 05 Oct 2018 09:33:40
Bob, that’s the best post I’ve read of yours.

Thinking about it, I’d love Rogers! But not sure he would want to leave a champions league club for a championship one.

8.) 05 Oct 2018 11:21:47
It's Rodgers or Sherwood for me
Rodgers would be my first choice and I think he could be tempted he has won everything he can with Celtic, boardroom don't seem to be backing him and I have nothing against the Scottish league but this is his big chance to get back in the prem with s pretty good squad, it's not as if we have a poor squad there will be many managers wanting to take the job this time around
Sherwood would give our youths a chance but as you say he is always going to be under pressure with the I told you so group
Henry I'm feeling it at all I think he hasn't got the experience for the job let alone the league and he would only use us a stepping stone if he did get us from the championship
So for me Rodgers or Sherwood I'm 50/ 50 on.




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19 Jan 2019 09:17:20
He had to be recalled by the 14th. He can’t have his loan cancelled now until end of season.



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08 Jan 2019 16:30:22
Was a very satisfying result after the psis takes I got after sat! Lol.



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08 Jan 2019 14:42:43
Ahh I see! It’s my genuine character flaw! I apologise guys!



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08 Jan 2019 12:27:11



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07 Jan 2019 23:18:27
You guys looked superb tonight. well done, and good luck, genuinely hope you go all the way. Would love Tammy to score winner for you at Wembley.
I hold no malice against a pro wanting to play in prem, wish it was for us! But right now your there, and we are not!
He deserves the chance to prove him self. I hope he plays, and score siht loads for you.

I’m confused why there seems ‘beef’ between wolves and villa last couple of years. Can you explain?
We have no animosity towards you, and surely your efforts should be to the baggies? Yet we seem to be in the brain of all you guys recently. Why?

Also. I see that the one trick speed demon is getting great reviews again! Now THERE is a waste of money, and oxygen! Lol

Any way. good luck to you for the rest of season, good luck to Tammy, I thank you for your goals!




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18 Apr 2019 15:05:45
Think it is on red button mate.



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14 Apr 2019 16:10:07
Sorry to hear you have still been having some problems Bob, hope you both get back on your feet’s soon.



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14 Apr 2019 09:07:42
I don’t post on here personally any more Dave, as for me a certain few killed this site, this was for me the best villa fan forum, but certain posters killed that pleasure.

Rarely come on here now, and obviously I’m not the only one.

Great run, great result, let’s hope we keep it going. UTV.



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10 Mar 2019 17:38:42
That’s just awful.
Had to read that a few times and get my head around it.

That’s an all time low.



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10 Mar 2019 17:37:07
The thing is, this isn’t the first time.
Remember the guy running on to the pitch and having a pop at Enklemen? same ground, same mentality, same old excuses.