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17 Oct 2017 05:36:21
A lot people have been critical of coaching at Bodymoor. Health fitness and tactics have been called into question so if you was Aston Villa manager what tactics would you play and how would you get the players fit? Because Steve Bruce has tried a number of tactics and taken the players to Portugal in pre season where they ran so much they was sick. So you're the manager what would you do different to Bruce?


1.) 17 Oct 2017 10:26:58
Play Lyden, ohara hayes, with Grealish much younger, would be fitter faster, its the older players that were sick, the bench is terrible not one of them could change a game except ohara imo.

2.) 17 Oct 2017 10:39:20
On the topic of youth, what's happened to Rushian Hepburn-Murphy?

Surely he's not injured again?

3.) 17 Oct 2017 18:32:59
Yes mate his injured again shame because his a decent player and a lovely lad but with these injurys gona be hard for him to make a impact anywhere.

4.) 17 Oct 2017 21:03:59
Looking at his Instagram live stories his a little twit and has 0 loyalties to villa, same as Corey Taylor.



14 Oct 2017 21:44:03
My view on the game 1st half think we played well stopped them creating chances the game changer was when wolves brought a striker on and got more players in the box. For me we was simply beat by the better team i can't fault the effort or the manager Wolves are the best team in the league they have some crazy deals that lead them to have 5 or 6 champions league players. Kodjia still getting fit for me hutton was great at lbk. let's not get to upset when we lose or to excited when we win we are a playoff team this year and let's hope we can go up threw the back door. UTV.


1.) 14 Oct 2017 21:59:37
Fair assessment, I’d argue the effort second half was poor and general quality especially from certain players was way off what’s expected.

2.) 15 Oct 2017 07:55:14
Walkies-have you been watching them re-runs of the carry on films again, talking about how you think we're going to gain entry! glad to see you haven't thrown the baby out with the bath water this time tound fella! everyone seems to agree we went into neutral second half and handed them the initiative, no excuses, we got tonked by the better team TODAY, but remember how leeds have been tearing up trees right from the start? the last couple of games they've been pump, so let's remember wolves will have peaks and troughs (as will we all), as for maybe looking at changing coaching tactics, there's the nub of it for me, brucie likes to play each individual team as he sees it, where as wolves, leeds, reading etc, prefer to play a system, and let's be honest, foreign players are more technically gifted, so possession and system contrived play is more their bread and butter than ours, so the sun is still going to rise, and the politicians will still try and stuff everyone for all they can, and life goes on, come monday morning, brucie presses the reset button and we crack on, its still a marathon and the likes of us and others have a few more twists and turns coming our way, happy days tiger!

3.) 15 Oct 2017 19:53:31
I'd say it'll go curly for Wolves over Xmas, them bloody foreigners they've got won't be used to playing then, probs ask for a move in January.


4.) 15 Oct 2017 22:18:19
Ally-well said guvnor, i reckon a few freeziing cold nights when its tipping it down, and the sunshine boys will not fancy a couple of months of that, and like you say, come january they'll spit the dummy and the toys will go flying out of the pram, welcome to the real championship hard yardage!


5.) 16 Oct 2017 07:57:01
I thought that last year but Costa got better as it got colder. The whole foreigners won’t work in the winter doesn’t really apply anymore, back in the day when pitches were like bogs it used to be true, nowadays pitches are always up to a certain standard especially in these top two leagues, so weather doesn’t really come into it, and as I say, their foreign players got better toward Christmas last year.

6.) 16 Oct 2017 12:49:24
Cheers Chris for bursting my bubble! lol!

7.) 16 Oct 2017 13:10:57
I do get your point mate, some of them player will never have played with temperatures especially on cold wet Tuesday nights over the winter, but on its own they seem to cope, when it used to be that, along with pitches that were like treacle that’s what killed them. However these lot could be pre Madonna’s who don’t react the same way Costa did. The league is theirs to lose, manager deserves a lot of credit not just for the attack but poor defenders now look solid. They’d probably beat most bottom half premier league teams.



14 Oct 2017 21:33:09
It's not fair in a way Wolves have a super agent who gets all these players world class players why would they leave champions league to play for wolves in all corrupt. We have spent huge money but not even us who is an ex Premier League side who have won European Cup can attract these players its all corrupt there miles ahead of everybody it was like when west ham had tevez and Mascherano.


1.) 15 Oct 2017 06:59:44
Ha ha ha ha . it's not fair!
Why wouldn't they want to play for wolves? Bigger club, bigger support!
Sit back and watch the wolf pack my villa friends!

Truly outclassed and outthought .
Shame really, would love you lot in the prem with us, however, I think you should be concentrating more on staying in the championship.
Oh wel, there is still 1982 to talk about.
WWFC. 👍🏻.

2.) 15 Oct 2017 07:59:45
Diamo1-cheers for your kind words there fella, i bet you can't wait to be playing in the top flight again, at least it'll stop ya bothering your grandad asking him what it was like! joking aside you deserved it today, and IF you get promoted then fair play to you boys, you'll have earned it!

3.) 15 Oct 2017 10:09:41
But what happens when wolves go up and jota, costa, caveleiro, bonatini, neves all do one and your back to feeding off scraps like andi Weimann on loan? Maybe you can beat Derbys record of lowest points total in the prem. your lot could barely get 20,000 last season, now your doing alright your selling out, football fans are fickle but the dingles and the blues are in a league of their own.

4.) 15 Oct 2017 10:28:03
Hi Diamo have to agree that Wolves are, in my opinion the best side in the division and will get promotion.
I have to disagree on the support.
Last night was your biggest gate since 1985 and is considerably lower than the Villas.
Mind you I would accept lower gates if we could play the same football as your lot.



12 Oct 2017 12:54:37
Dr. Tony Fined by the FA.


1.) 13 Oct 2017 21:21:28
I am sorry Am I wrong has he not been find or is it some part time fan who isn't up to date?

2.) 14 Oct 2017 11:10:33
Rhymes with 'bankers' WTW


3.) 14 Oct 2017 12:20:44

4.) 14 Oct 2017 14:29:05
We are all Villa mate why people Disagree just to be nasty is daft Iam not the enemy save that for the blues. UTV Thanx for the support.

5.) 15 Oct 2017 09:14:58
Ironic that no one ticked disagree to my above comment lol. 🤔




11 Oct 2017 21:54:04
Steve Bruce has been at Aston Villa a while now and the signed many players but which signing has been his best and which has been his worst? UTV and by the way more prediction for the ding dong derby is Wolves 2 Aston Villa 2.


1.) 12 Oct 2017 12:33:22
Hi Walkie,
In my opinion Robert Snodgrass is his best, and Henry Lansbury the worst.
Snodgrass has a bit of everything a footballer needs, Lansbury on the other hand is bewildered being at Villa Park and has not stepped up to the plate.
As for predictions, scores are difficult, Wolves are not prolific at home only scored once on five occasions, I think Villa will win but by how many who knows.

2.) 12 Oct 2017 13:06:35
Best - Johnstone
Worst - Bjarnson.

3.) 12 Oct 2017 16:56:56
Best hourihane
Worst again bjarnson by a big mile.

4.) 12 Oct 2017 17:26:29
Cheers guys for your views - as always mine is; best Terry. worst umm Hogan just for money paid out and lack of goals.

5.) 12 Oct 2017 20:31:18
Best signing-his dietician
His worst-his barber.

6.) 12 Oct 2017 21:10:09
haha very good classof82 did make me chuckle.




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17 Oct 2017 10:32:11
Just read how Aston Villa signed David James it was all down to Sir Doug Ellis. David James was at the horse racing with some Liverpool players they was drinking an a bit drunk but that was fine it was there day off said James. He Went next door where Sir Doug was and James said how are you?

Sir Doug replied not good we have just lost the best Gk in the League to Man Utd. When James said after a few drinks 2nd best Gk Sir Doug said who's the best then and James pointed at himself. Next day Sir Doug puts his bid in and even get him on cheap wages.

I love Sir Doug best chairman ever you talk of super agents he personally brought us Dwight Yorke David Ginola David James not bad hey. that's when football was great you had chairman who cared about the clubs and actually under stood football who was there 24/7 running the club.

Bill Kenwright, Doug Ellis, Jack Walker, Freddy Shepherd, so many more some of the chairman now days wouldn't know a player from a butcher yes they have money but so much gets wasted because they don't actually understand what there buying its a toy for them.


1.) 17 Oct 2017 13:41:14
Good chairman but nailing the stand after yourself come on.

2.) 17 Oct 2017 18:33:56
Lol you wouldn't do the same lol he deserves it when he very 1st brought the club we was in a right mess he saved us so for that reason I would say its a good idea. Even he owned the club the 2nd time he weren't bad.

3.) 17 Oct 2017 20:47:25
Agree with you WTW, he did make mistakes but so doe`s everyone.
He also did a great deal for Villa, and loved every brick and blade of grass of our great club.

4.) 17 Oct 2017 21:06:31
He did brilliant for us I didn’t dispute that, ran it like a corner shop and did right by us. But as I said, naming a stand after yourself, you let other people do that for you, like Alex Ferguson, Kenny Daglish etc, just a bit arrogant to me.



14 Oct 2017 21:36:43
Dont you find it strange wolves of the championship can attract champions league porto benfica and Atletico Madrid players in yet nobody including the premier league teams that came dwn and aston villa can't attract them? This super agent is a corrupt they are gona win the league by cheating. We had big money to spend but we can only attract brentford and barnsley players which is fair enough we are in the championship.

But how then can Wolves who have always bin rubbish suddenly attract 6 players from the champions league. oh and wheres there FFP they spend a fortune how have the generated money no problem with Villa tonight we played our best just out played by galacticos.


1.) 14 Oct 2017 22:02:44
All down to Mendes, soon enough they’ll be rules in place to stop it but for now you just have to deal with it. Not fair and makes rules like FFP pointless, half their team couldn’t point to wolves on a map, that’s not an exaggeration, I bet my house on it.

2.) 14 Oct 2017 22:07:17
Win the league by cheating?
Grow up!
We lost, be a man and hold your hands up and accept it.

Stop finding an excuse for everything. They played well, tactically had us in their pockets and their game plan won.

It happens. Palace beat Chelsea today. they must of cheated as well.

3.) 15 Oct 2017 08:24:42
What's all this cheating?
Wolves beat us fair and square on the pitch
Foson have very deep pockets and they will support the manager and Mendes with whatever they want,
Yes I am jealous of how they have brought in top Portuguese young players with Mendes behind the deals but would we complain if it was villa who had this opportunity ,
Fans need to grow up and accept it all,

4.) 15 Oct 2017 08:33:18
Flackie, Wolves have spent just as much money as we have on there team not sold anybody to get money have no parachute money why isn't FFP on them? They have this currupt super agent buying all these top top players ask yourself this why are they leaving atheltico Madrid and Benfica and Porto where there prob on more money and playing champions league football to go to Wolverhampton?

The rest of the league including teams just come down and us can only by championship players and old prem players Wolves have been rubbish for years why all of a sudden they the biggest attraction over big clubs like Villa Boro Leeds? I accept they beat us Flackie they was class there was nothing we could do or Iam guessing any other championship team. But should they have all these players No!

5.) 15 Oct 2017 08:35:24
Flackie, you can't use Chelsea as an example. they're champions that's why players want to play for them. Plus there's no FFP in the Prem, it's been relaxed!

6.) 15 Oct 2017 09:03:14
Looking at the results yesterday it's all up for grabs for promotion
Any team can beat anybody on day,
It's going to be a very exciting championship I think,
I still think top 2 is achievable,
Just worried about our lack of pace in team and kodija who looks a different animal to last season,

7.) 15 Oct 2017 12:28:02
We got beat fair and square. Was disapointed with the lack of forward progression. kienan davis was awful and think hogan should have been brought on earlier than he was. hutton was immence and snodgrass had a good game. As for the argument on the wolves players. Would we not do the same if it was possible it strikes me that automatic promotion may not be an option it looks at the moment like play offs to me.

8.) 15 Oct 2017 12:33:44
Not with Bruce.

9.) 15 Oct 2017 19:35:20
Ffp is irrelevant. They have done nothing to break rules, just used them to their advantage.

We could of done the same.

10.) 15 Oct 2017 21:10:37
Come on Flackie, they’ve done nothing to break the rules, I’m not 100% on them but I’m sure your incoming have to match your out goings, they don’t get 30 million plus on gate reciepts and what not in 18 months. They spent that on two players, not to mention the rest they signed with them and then the wages to go on top. We’re not exactly rosey as club to do with that but we sold and brought cheap in the summer to conform to it and make an effort.

11.) 16 Oct 2017 09:48:52
Mate, I hate the fact that I’m saying this, but no they haven’t.
Ffp is Also about the ability to maintain the balance sheet. Sadly, players in on loan don’t affect the balance sheet.

I wish we had a ‘super agent’ and I bet if we played the system the way they have your opinion on it would be different.

We lost, they where better. Now we either dwell on it, or accept it and move forward, and try to fill the void.

12.) 16 Oct 2017 15:45:23
you a right.



30 Sep 2017 18:59:11
Fantastic victory today can't believe the referee, he was awful. Kept the winning run going which is all that matters at the end of the day. Also great crowd down there today love seeing Villa Park when there's loads there. I do think the international break comes at the wrong time for us but never mind. UTV.


1.) 30 Sep 2017 20:25:09
WTW I have to agree, we have had some rubbish refs this season, but the one today was the worst iv seen . Bolton where like watching the old Stoke, but i think Bolton was even worse . With their style of pushing, holding and anything else they could get away with, we needed a strong ref and what we got was a joke . The standard of refereeing in this league is realy bad. The one a couple of games ago, didn't even know what to do with a dropped ball . didn't see the sending off clearly, but I think it was one of that refs standard cockups . Onwards& Upwards Villaforever.



30 Sep 2017 03:14:52
My prediction for tomorrow Aston Villa 3 Bolton 0. UTV.


1.) 30 Sep 2017 17:11:26
Well that was fraught with danger, but hey ho i will take that all day long. Up to sixth and the play off places. Taylors red a bit of a blow and unnessesary. We got the win and that's all that matters. ONWARDS AND UPWARDS VILLA FOREVER.



26 Sep 2017 10:37:56
I would just like to congratulate Gareth Barry on his fantastic achievement that takes some doing and to me he is a Villa legend. Tough game tonight but Iam going for a 2.1 win. I will be there again tonight anybody want to actually meet up and see Iam not this monster is welcome. Once again well done Barry. UTV.


1.) 26 Sep 2017 11:32:37
No thanks, I go villa for pleasure. That would be the opposite.

2.) 26 Sep 2017 14:03:35
Can't agree Barry being a villa legend, very good player, very under rated both at club and international level but he tried to force his way out 3 times and succeeded the third, not what I'd call a legend.

3.) 26 Sep 2017 15:05:07
You definitely aren't a monster WTW . I would just prefer to be with blue noses.




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17 Oct 2017 18:32:59
Yes mate his injured again shame because his a decent player and a lovely lad but with these injurys gona be hard for him to make a impact anywhere.




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14 Oct 2017 14:29:05
We are all Villa mate why people Disagree just to be nasty is daft Iam not the enemy save that for the blues. UTV Thanx for the support.




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13 Oct 2017 21:21:28
I am sorry Am I wrong has he not been find or is it some part time fan who isn't up to date?




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12 Oct 2017 21:10:09
haha very good classof82 did make me chuckle.




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12 Oct 2017 17:26:29
Cheers guys for your views - as always mine is; best Terry. worst umm Hogan just for money paid out and lack of goals.





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17 Oct 2017 18:34:34
If I said this I would be castigated lol.




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17 Oct 2017 18:33:56
Lol you wouldn't do the same lol he deserves it when he very 1st brought the club we was in a right mess he saved us so for that reason I would say its a good idea. Even he owned the club the 2nd time he weren't bad.




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17 Oct 2017 09:38:22
Mainbob what worrys me is we have no pace in the team and when we do play teams with pace eg Wolves and Cardiff we don't cope well. Pace in football terrifies people even the blues have pace with vassell now we need to bring players through slowly I know but when you have people like Glen whelen who can't keep up with play anymore and even Jedinak its a old midfield with them. footballs a young mans game so why not give youth a chance? Last month was a easy month for us but we still did well if I was offered the playoffs now I would take it.




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16 Oct 2017 13:21:53
I think Flackie is great, would be borring if we agreed all the time.




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16 Oct 2017 05:34:30
So what are you saying sack Bruce? When do the players take the blame? why is it always the manager I don't like Bruce but apart from Hutton not 1 of them players 2nd half gave a dam. Its there job they should at least run there socks off close teams down and battle doesn't matter what talent you have hardwork will always win and if you are not 100 per cent at your best the least you can do is put the effort in. What a funny game it would be if players were sacked for performances?