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15 Oct 2017 12:38:00
Look everyone wolves were good we were bad yes they will probably win the league big deal, but 2nd spot is anybodys and we should make the play offs . yes its a shame we don't play attractive football an have champions league players but so what we will get on with it, this squad is good enough to go up by a country mile i'm happy with bruce 1 loss in 9 isn't bad we just need quick wins on the spin now.

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15 Oct 2017 15:54:01
I agree 2nd place is up for grabs and it will be a rollercoaster ride to the finish,
My fear is that as of now if villa and wolves went up together
Wolves would survive in staying in prem but villa would have to spend big again to survive,
As for Bruce in my opinion he should be replaced if we go up
He has proved a few times he is not tactical aware to play against the better sides,
But at moment he should be left to get us up,
The championship is his domain.

15 Oct 2017 17:59:50
Your right if we both went up bruce should go an get silva from watford but that's along way ahead . I just wish we play with freedom and play fast tempo footie an press an defend as a team, if we do that we will be fine.

15 Oct 2017 11:46:58
Walk the walk, Wolves are a great club with massive fan base and if it 'needs looking at'
It should have been looked at under previous owners who stripped us to the bone and almost put us out of the game.
Of the team on Saturday, Ruddy in goal was free signing, Baath, Coady, Doherty cost nothing, Saiss £1m, Douglas £1m, Bonatini and Jota on loan to help us out.
Mighty Fulham paid £12m for McCormick in this league years ago.
Under Fosun, we are one of the richest clubs and heading for the Champions League. We need a 50000 plus stadium to accomodate us.

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15 Oct 2017 12:09:14
They fielded 8 players and still beat us, we are a joke! If your lot need a 50000 seater stadium are you predicting every team you play is bringing 30000 travelling fans with them?

15 Oct 2017 22:23:57
Gentlemen, let's be gracious about this, time will tell.

Julian Draxler

15 Oct 2017 06:20:25
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new player profile about, Julian Draxler

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15 Oct 2017 10:10:55
Any Ed know what’s going on with him at the moment? Would love to see him in the prem.

{Ed001's Note - available for sale, Arsenal are considering him as a replacement for Sanchez, so it could happen.}

Premier League Match Previews Sunday 15th October 2017

15 Oct 2017 04:16:27
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Previews Sunday 15th October 2017

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15 Oct 2017 00:10:55
One thing that came of the game today, the Scottish Cafu . Hutton played better today, than he plays at RB . Some of his covering and tackles where brilliant, put his marker down for the next two games . You have to give it to him, he gets dropped but his attitude is great . Got to get man of the match for Villa today, he saved two goals with his tackles . Especialy when you consider, he was on his wrong side . I know you won't believe it but, I partially agree with Walkies, what's going on down at Wolves, needs looking at a bit more closely . How can an agent be allowed, to be part of any club set up . Agents cause enough problems in football, without being given this kind of freedom . Once again the Premier league and F A caught out . Looking forwards to Fulham . Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

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15 Oct 2017 07:05:08
Come down and look at us if you want!
Is it because we play proper football, or is it the fact that we are a bigger club, and secretly you wannna support us?
Your club and manager are embarrassing, get up with the times, what's stopping you contacting an agent and doing the same?
Or how about the "doctor" finding some players for ya?
He's cousin is good "wang one in" Scored lots in China.

15 Oct 2017 08:17:52
The only positive from the game is that we are still in 7th place in table,
As for the game wolves bossed the game for the whole 90 mins
They had pace and exciting players all over the pitch
Yes the agent brought in these players but would villa love that to?
This is the best wolves team i have seen for many years and the manager deserves all the credit to how they are playing the game,
Villa on the other hand are slow build up and there fitness levels need to be addressed.
We are still only 5 points of the automatic places so no panic yet but we are miles away from the wolves as I see it now,
When your best player on the night is Hutton playing in his wrong position that tells you all you need to know,
On kodija what has happened to him,
He looks as if he is not interested in playing for me.
Having watched blues play against Cardiff other night with there pace up top they will be a threat to us in that department
Next 2 games we need wins now,
Wolves to me are champions elect if there big players stay fit,
Even though we lost I had to admire how they play the game,
We had that under big Ron years ago and Bruce is not the type of manager to get us playing with that style,
But I'm still behind him in getting promotion,

15 Oct 2017 10:16:06
Diane you can’t really believe that this system your club is operating will make you anything more than a feeder club? Yes it may get you to the prem but currently your developing players that you will never benefit from because when they get to that level being “good enough” they’ll be gone. I suppose a feeder club is better than a nothing club so you will enjoy it a bit more than the last 10 years however I’d enjoy the rest of the season as much as possible, after that I can’t see it being sustainable or a fairytale.

15 Oct 2017 11:48:41
Wolves owners have more money than all the Chinese owners so they won't have to sell, so upset, out classed more skill, pleasing on the eye, not one of our players would get in that side, Jealous yes I am, I want villa playing with style.

15 Oct 2017 12:10:15
Awww bless a dingle in disguise.

15 Oct 2017 12:11:26
Diamo 1 nice offer but, after nearly 60 years of watching the biggest club in the Midlands and one of historically the best in the world, I'm afraid I will have to turn you down . I can't actually work out if your a wolves or Fulham fan, if Wolves, enjoy it while you can . i'm sure eventually the FA will wake up to the fact that agents, just can't be allowed even more power . Agents are a curse on football. they cause problems for clubs and up set players wanting them on the move, if they aren't moving they are not making them money . I agree it's a very nice position Wolves are in at the moment but how long before this agent want his money makers on the move again . Wolves at the moment are a shop window for his players, the better they do the better for him . I know Wolves have bought these players, but he is the one who has convinced these very good players to go there . A good season with Wolves and they will all be getting big money moves ., then How do Wolves replace them, they will be starting all over again . So in one way or another, the agent wins again Onwards&Upwards Villaforever.

15 Oct 2017 12:28:58
CHRIS I detest wolves, but love football played with style, been going up villa park since tony hateley played, age 10yrs, so don't call me a dingle.

15 Oct 2017 13:29:10
Get out there arse then, “wolves have more money than all the Chinese owners put together” my backside, show us some evidence of this. Not one of our players would get in their side, Johnstone would, a fully fit Kodjia would, Snodgrass is better than matt Doherty or Barry Douglas and your saying you’d pick any of their centre halves over JT? Do me a favour. Their attack is sublime and centre mids are way too good for this league, but your talking like the whole team are world beaters.

15 Oct 2017 20:14:50
You can't take the truth, open your eyes and see how good we are on the eye,

15 Oct 2017 21:07:22
So how good we are on the eye decides who’s better than us and who’s not, irrelevant of league position. That stinks, modern football really, don’t matter the result, don’t matter the long term aim, as long as we look good. You’ve obviously never watched a Jose Mourinho team in a derby game, results come first, not entertainment.

15 Oct 2017 21:08:02
And also if this is “the truth” show us some evidence of wolves having “more money than every Chinese owner put together”, I’ll wait.

15 Oct 2017 22:23:41
If you read, I did not say all together and Bruce is no Mourinho, if you like boring football that's up to you.

16 Oct 2017 07:59:43
Go on then, prove the wolves owners are the richest out of all the Chinese owners. no one said anything about liking boring football, you seem to make these mad statements with nothing to back them up then when questioned follow it up with absolute drivel.

14 Oct 2017 21:36:43
Dont you find it strange wolves of the championship can attract champions league porto benfica and Atletico Madrid players in yet nobody including the premier league teams that came dwn and aston villa can't attract them? This super agent is a corrupt they are gona win the league by cheating. We had big money to spend but we can only attract brentford and barnsley players which is fair enough we are in the championship.

But how then can Wolves who have always bin rubbish suddenly attract 6 players from the champions league. oh and wheres there FFP they spend a fortune how have the generated money no problem with Villa tonight we played our best just out played by galacticos.

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14 Oct 2017 22:02:44
All down to Mendes, soon enough they’ll be rules in place to stop it but for now you just have to deal with it. Not fair and makes rules like FFP pointless, half their team couldn’t point to wolves on a map, that’s not an exaggeration, I bet my house on it.

14 Oct 2017 22:07:17
Win the league by cheating?
Grow up!
We lost, be a man and hold your hands up and accept it.

Stop finding an excuse for everything. They played well, tactically had us in their pockets and their game plan won.

It happens. Palace beat Chelsea today. they must of cheated as well.

15 Oct 2017 08:24:42
What's all this cheating?
Wolves beat us fair and square on the pitch
Foson have very deep pockets and they will support the manager and Mendes with whatever they want,
Yes I am jealous of how they have brought in top Portuguese young players with Mendes behind the deals but would we complain if it was villa who had this opportunity ,
Fans need to grow up and accept it all,

15 Oct 2017 08:33:18
Flackie, Wolves have spent just as much money as we have on there team not sold anybody to get money have no parachute money why isn't FFP on them? They have this currupt super agent buying all these top top players ask yourself this why are they leaving atheltico Madrid and Benfica and Porto where there prob on more money and playing champions league football to go to Wolverhampton?

The rest of the league including teams just come down and us can only by championship players and old prem players Wolves have been rubbish for years why all of a sudden they the biggest attraction over big clubs like Villa Boro Leeds? I accept they beat us Flackie they was class there was nothing we could do or Iam guessing any other championship team. But should they have all these players No!

15 Oct 2017 08:35:24
Flackie, you can't use Chelsea as an example. they're champions that's why players want to play for them. Plus there's no FFP in the Prem, it's been relaxed!

15 Oct 2017 09:03:14
Looking at the results yesterday it's all up for grabs for promotion
Any team can beat anybody on day,
It's going to be a very exciting championship I think,
I still think top 2 is achievable,
Just worried about our lack of pace in team and kodija who looks a different animal to last season,

15 Oct 2017 12:28:02
We got beat fair and square. Was disapointed with the lack of forward progression. kienan davis was awful and think hogan should have been brought on earlier than he was. hutton was immence and snodgrass had a good game. As for the argument on the wolves players. Would we not do the same if it was possible it strikes me that automatic promotion may not be an option it looks at the moment like play offs to me.

15 Oct 2017 12:33:44
Not with Bruce.

15 Oct 2017 19:35:20
Ffp is irrelevant. They have done nothing to break rules, just used them to their advantage.

We could of done the same.

15 Oct 2017 21:10:37
Come on Flackie, they’ve done nothing to break the rules, I’m not 100% on them but I’m sure your incoming have to match your out goings, they don’t get 30 million plus on gate reciepts and what not in 18 months. They spent that on two players, not to mention the rest they signed with them and then the wages to go on top. We’re not exactly rosey as club to do with that but we sold and brought cheap in the summer to conform to it and make an effort.

16 Oct 2017 09:48:52
Mate, I hate the fact that I’m saying this, but no they haven’t.
Ffp is Also about the ability to maintain the balance sheet. Sadly, players in on loan don’t affect the balance sheet.

I wish we had a ‘super agent’ and I bet if we played the system the way they have your opinion on it would be different.

We lost, they where better. Now we either dwell on it, or accept it and move forward, and try to fill the void.

16 Oct 2017 15:45:23
you a right.

14 Oct 2017 20:21:30
What a great side he has put together at wolves- fair play!

Sometimes you have to hold your hand up and say, well done.
They made us look poor, don’t think we made them look good.

A positive though.

In Huton we have a great cover at left back!

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14 Oct 2017 21:41:13
Glad he stepped up today, should be alright there next few games without Taylor, weirdly enough he’s the only one who didn’t look out of his depth today.

14 Oct 2017 19:39:58
Embarrassing tonight, only player to walk off with any credit is Hutton. Other than him every player was poor, 3 that stood out however were;
Whelan - what does he offer at all, he's slow, poor first touch, no creativity, tactically clueless.
Snodgrass - Did he just make his name of playing all the poor teams in the division? Missing today, no quality what so ever.
Elmohamedy - awful, absolutely awful. Jumped under the ball 3/ 4 times, you wouldn't see that at an under 12's game. Flapped under the ball then fell over for the first goal. Going forward he over hit every cross.

Tactics were right against this side, worked perfect first half, second half seemed like they just couldn't be arsed and we're outclassed all over the park.

If we're being honest tho we've handed them the first goal (or Elmos handed it them) and the second their mans hand balled it to control it after it's deflected to him from a brilliant challenge. They were good but both goals on another day don't go in.

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14 Oct 2017 20:07:53
Fair play to wiolves, however second half we didn't make it too hard for them. They looked full of confidence and certainly had a cutting edge. Have to say I felt quite satisfied with the first half but yet again we came out second half and sat off played too deep and there was only going to be one team who was going to score.
Wolves deserved it and look good for an automatic spot where as we are stilll looking ok for a play off spot? going to get tough when meet some of the quality sides in the division as today showed. May go under the radar at work next week as work in the Black Ciuntry!

15 Oct 2017 08:43:44
Hutton best villa player and Davis tried his heart out but had no help from kodija who was crap,
Whelan needs to be dumped out of squad,
No pace and offers nothing in his role,
Lydon would do a better job there,
But end of day we were simply outplayed all over the pitch,
We just need to erase this from memory and concentrate on thumping Fulham and bham c,

15 Oct 2017 08:45:45
This talk of villa having the best squad in championship is not looking that at the moment,
How many villa or wolves players could you call premiership quality?

14 Oct 2017 19:05:15
We are being taught a footballing lesson tonight,
Wolves look champions for me,
It may be early to say that but I'm convinced they will be,

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14 Oct 2017 19:28:27
Have to agree, Wolves top dogs, Jota superb and they are just passing the ball around the Villa.
I think the gulf in skill is huge.
So much for Brucies "we are going out to win" 1 shot on target and 6 shots all match.
I think a serious rethink is needed by the coaching staff.
I think our lack of ideas was apparent at the Bolton game and was exploited by a much better side tonight.

14 Oct 2017 19:31:52
I loss in 9 and we need a new manager, have a snickers pluffy.

14 Oct 2017 20:01:59
Where did I say change manager, I said we should look at our coaching as we appear predictable and easy to play against when teams pressure us.
So if I was you I would read things before you answer.
Perhaps the old addage its best to let people think you're an idiot than open your mouth and prove it.

14 Oct 2017 21:05:30
Ok so let me change it, one loss in 9 games and we suddenly need a coaching change. So you think the manager should change a trusted back room team with the majority of whom he’s previously been promoted with due to this result. Makes loads of sense. It’s one result, against one of the best teams in the league, we don’t need to change anything.

14 Oct 2017 21:39:14
I agree pluffy mate with your view but don't be to hard on Chris he has clearly miss read it but remember we are all Villa play nicely keep the angry side for the blues.

14 Oct 2017 21:54:55
Hi chris I think you have mis understood again, you mentioned in the week how wolves would play with Jota taking us apart but our management and coaching staff were unable to alter how we should play even though they must have watched how Wolves play.
I have never said sack anyone, I just think the coaches and manager should be able to work out a plan B for when we play sides like Wolves and Cardiff who you must admit have made us look second rate.

Midfielders - Part 1

14 Oct 2017 08:55:28
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Midfielders - Part 1

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