18 Jul 2023 07:11:38
Al-Nassr going up against us for Diaby apparently. There's no doubt who can offer the higher wages. Depends what level he wants to be playing at ?

1.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 09:29:21
Yep plus he's in the french squad aswell doubt he will get picked playing in saudi league with euros nxt summer MD so fingers crossed he picks us instead of cashing out mate but u can't blame him if he does money talks now, villa will move on too nxt on monchi list anyway they are all going to be good players anyway were not shopping lower or mid market players now were looking at top level plsyers which makes a change

2.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 12:23:49
Latest rumour he has accepted the once in a lifetime contract from the Saudis

3.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 12:35:36
This type of signing was always going to be ambitious. If unsuccessful we must have other options ready to go immediately.

4.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 12:37:28
R our comes from Italian broadcaster Sportitalia

5.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 16:42:19
Would take those rumours with a pinch of salt. They also suggested Tielemans was off to Arsenal and have linked us with half of Europe.
It's all about distinguishing between legitimate sources or clickbait.

6.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 18:24:55
If he goes to Saudi then ‘miraculously’ ends up on loan to Newcastle, if the Prem have any balls they should kick them out of the league, and UEFA the Champions League, personally I don’t care if he joins us, I think a striker/No9 is where our money should go


7.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 18:52:16
I agree that if he goes to Newcastle some sanctions should apply, but will they? I doubt it.

8.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 20:33:19
The whole takeover of Newcastle stinks, makes me chuckle inside knowing that if Man U were up for sale before them then they’d be in the Championship in freefall now, reckon it’s going to come back on them somewhere down the line though


9.) 18 Jul 2023
18 Jul 2023 23:25:12
I don't think so ncastle are going to be a force mate they will be top4 again this season, city, lpool, arsenal, ncastle, manu, chelsea, villa, brighton
Thats my top 8

10.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 08:16:41
Prediction… Howe will be sacked by Xmas, stick that in your ChrisAVFC file for future told you so’s lol ?


11.) 19 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 15:55:40
Ooo welcome back Chris

12.) 20 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 21:24:55
@Daz, just to clarify, I’m not Chris, he was my nemesis lol ?


13.) 20 Jul 2023
19 Jul 2023 21:31:00
Whatever happened to that Shegfy lot anyway? If I remember right weren’t they trying to start their own echo chamber page where their only reason for living was to get a pat on the head off Flackie? ? (no offence to Flackie btw)