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04 Aug 2013 21:04:37
Rodwell announced first thing in the morning then a few can eat there words on here.


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I will say sorry a million times to you personally if this deal happens (not that I want it to anyway)

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I shall gladly wolf them down mate.

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We believe you mate, honestly we do

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I'm 50/50 on this because of his injury past, I don't see this as a signing Paul lambert would make because of the high wages and injury risk. I remember how we got stuck with Jenas a coupleeasons ago and if this is true I reckon the same thing will happen again. would make more sense to go for someone like Liam Bridcutt who would most likely be a lot hungrier, cheaper on both the wages andtransfer price (I know it's a loan but Kingvilla said there'd be an option to buy for £10mil after the loan finishes).

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Kingvilla, I hope your right, a fit Rodwell who plays 40 games a season would be outstanding for us, but just can't see it happening.


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You also said it will be announced
Last friday its now Monday so I can't
Really believe you

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Is this guy on something or what! Getting fed up with nonsense rumours, belhanda this, Rodwell that! 100% certain Rodwell will not be signing for Villa today. Stop with all the lies Kingvilla!!

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I am a professional football assosciate, as many others are on here, been working with top players and coaching staff for many years, am a professional analyst and scout, with Uefa A license coaching badges and you quite frankly do my head in! I'm sure many will agree! Yes this is a rumours site, but don't feed it absolute garbage, at least my statements and others like me talk sense and possible targets with real links and sources. #avfc

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Why what's that, its 1pm and no Rodwell, what a surprise

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Haven't seen any announcement?

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Talk of rodwell coming in is just plane stupid, he is on 55k a week villa are tryin to remove high earners off the wage bill not bring more in, there is a lot of good rumours and facts on this site but these stupid ones are really annoying there isn't a 1 per cent chance of it happening we might bring 1 more player in I think it will be on deadline day and will be an am and that's if we get rid of the players we are trying to that a fact don't think anything more than that will happen.

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. Starting to get hungry now.

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The way I see it is that even if it were true jack rodwells not going to help us get back into Europe or anything silly like that so why bother signing someone on loan when we can just develop one of our own?


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I like rodwell he's really really good

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I see today that the London based newspaper hacks just won't let the Benteke to Spurs business go. They are like a dog after a bone. Now it seems that if Bale leaves Spurs they will come back in again before the window shuts armed with a few more millions. Presumably there was no point in him signing a new 4 year contract as according to them it's not worth the paper it's printed on. Do they never give it a rest?

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Villa king gone to ground or did he buy Rodwell on championship manager today

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Hi Azza - I quite agree that there are some quite ridiculous notions posted on here with hilarious regularity (maybe that's what keeps us/it going?) and the Rodwell one might as well be from Roswell. Know it's daft but stranger things can/do happen so let's just wait and see without prejudice. Also, whilst not wanting to cast any aspersions or throw mud, we only have your word for it that you are who you say you are and Kingvilla who he/she says/thinks he/she is. For the record, I'm a complete nobody and have no inside knowledge/football background other than a love for the game but would humbly suggest that we should all stick to the 'football transfer rumours' context of this site rather than let it all get overly personal. What do you reckon - shall we all call a truce? Or would that be completely boring?!
Pete D

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I agree with both the tone and the content of everything Pete has said here

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Please step forward the 4 people that agreed with this ludicrous rodwell transfer that kingvilla made up.
either u don't know this guy lies all the time or you're just stupid
or were they sarcastic agrees?
would LOVE to know.

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Nah that would be boring pete D lol

If someone (kingvilla) is gunna come on an make predictions as if their predictions are fact, then 'they' will get stick, all banter, all in good fun.

Where you gone kingvilla? Lol

More to the point where's Rodwell? :)


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Just been released from the rodwell camp can be confirmed he will be escorting his granny to bingo tonight you heard it here first people

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Completely agree Pete. Let the rumours and transfer talk continue as it does. I was in no way trying to make things too serious, just voicing my professional input. Just feel someone who comes in, says something is definitely going to happen, 150% certain and blasts it all out, should really not be doing that. When it happens on more than one occassion and nothing ever results from it, it gets a bit tedious. Rumours are great, transfer speculation is great, but rubbish statements and arrogance is very unprofessional. You have my word (if you wish to beleive) my profession and my roots. Otherwise enjoy the site as normal. Let the transfer window do the talking then. Your comments are appreciated Pete.

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Not going to lie but king villa has said villa are going to sign van Der vaart, Zapata, rodwell and wijnaldum ( and probably more just can't remember) but when I type Rodwell to Aston villa into google not even one rumour comes up about it, it just goes on about how he got injured when playing against us. So i'm sorry but I think king villa is not a villa fan and likes making up impossible rumours that will never happen

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Couldn't agree anymore with Pete.

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Its the afternoon now. Where's Mr Rodwell? First thing this morning kingvilla said

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Hi Azza
Using your contacts, do you then know of anything bubbling under the surface that could happen?

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I know, late on his first day, what a joke

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Thanks, Azza - important to say that I don't doubt your professional integrity (never have) but you got the point I was trying to make, so I appreciate you being even-handed and for doing that. Also realise that perhaps I came over as a bit holier-than-thou - sorry if anyone got that impression! You're right - not meant to be a totally serious site but like you, just wish we would stick to the rumours and leave the childish stuff for the playground. Pete D

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Have I missed the press conference and grand unveiling of Jack Rodwell?
What squad No has he been given? I might pop down the villa village and get my shirt ready for his debut Saturday!


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Like many others working in the game or indeed just circulating through the rumours and talk, it can be confirmed that PL is looking to add and in more than one position. The hype of a 'playmaker' are true but when and who are very hush hush at the moment. We are aware interest was in Kiyotake but that has chilled down somewhat and I believe that until Bent and/or Given and Ireland are sold permanently, we shall not see any influx of players. The one thing I am confident about is, the need to address the '2 in every position' theory that PL has followed. So where we are short of a player, another one may very well possibly come in as cover and competition. Lambert is adamant that this young, hungry and committed approach is what all his players will possess. I will keep updating the site as and when I hear and know things, but it is all very secret in the AV camp, just the way PL, PF and RL like it.

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04 Aug 2013 16:35:41
I have been told this morning that Bannan is in Glasgow with his agent. No more detail than that, but I suppose seems a logical step, although can't see any club is Scotland paying more than Blackburn? Anyway, I have no way of confirming this, but it has come from the same person that told me that Bannan was negotiating with Blackburn, and that the deal was falling through, both times before it was reported in the media.

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What happened to the rumour that Blackpool were going to take both Bannan and the Fonz?
That seems to have died the death.
Which club in Glasgow is it?
Rangers, Celtic or another?

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Would take him for Celtic but can't see it after we signed the Dutch boy on the left wing

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Celtic and Motherwell are interested. I am aware of interest from Scotland through his agent, after he spoke to a member of my coaching team regarding the switch.

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The rumour/statements of both Bannan and Delfounso to Blackpool are still strong yes, interest from Scotland I think is purely based around his Scottish links, however I am unsure for definite. Blackpool still heavily linked with both of them and can see this one materialising. Hope this clears things up. We shall just have to see how things develop.

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Rodwell is an over rated player who is never fit. 100% not what we need.

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04 Aug 2013 14:01:39
Rasmus Elm has apparently told is agent to get him out of Russia, mumblings that Villa are interested, nothing solid as of yet though.

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If he plays in russia u know what what that means, he earns a million pounds every time he breathes so too expensive at least on the wages front anyway.

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This might have legs, as we were in for him before he moved, tidy player. {Ed007's Note - Why are you answering your own posts? Are you ill?}

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Its not the first time someone on this site has done it also. Not to mention liking your own posts several times per day so you can lift the ego a little.

Just stick to the banter guys, thre are some very passionate and knowledgable contributors. no need to resort to childish antics


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I agree with the chap who said he thought our spending was over for this window although I would agree we could really do with a good attacking midfielder.
Also don't believe that any of our 7 unwanted players will be shifted in the current window. Now rumoured that Fulham have withdrawn from Bent chase, if indeed there is a chase on for him.

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With you one 100 percent Leroy
That said, I have to confess I have "liked" my own posts a few times
Sorry, but they do say admitting the problem is the first step to resolving it
Won't happen again

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So now Joe Kinnear tells us he has thrashed out a deal for Bent with his agent and is now talking to Villa.
Thrashing out terms with Bent's agent is not the same as agreeing a fee for the sale so knowing Newcastles reluctance to spend a penny when they can get away with a halfpenny I still don't see this deal getting done.

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The original post said "nothing solid as of yet" then the follow up post was just to let people know we were linked previously (found it on talksport site, AFTER I posted). so I replied again, granted this doesn't really prove anything, just thought it might add something?

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03 Aug 2013 22:52:23
I can't believe Fulham are negotiating a 6mill fee for bent, For me he's worth every penny and they should cough up. Also a little surprised there's been no offers from abroad too.


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Teams know PL is desperate for Bent to be gone hence why no one is in any rush to pay £6m, they know come the end of august we'll except almost any offer, PL devalued him by freezing him out an treating him like s*** for so long.

Remember a Turkish club was interested but bent didn't want to know.


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I woudnt say lambert has treated bent (or any other player) particularly badly. we play with 1 forward and that's benteke so what did u want PL to do, play him in another position?
my point is that just because certain players didn't feature as much as they wanted to last season doesn't mean PL has been unfair to anyone. over 20 players in a squad and we have to pick the 11 each week that we think will win the match.

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I know you all won't want to agree with me but I do recall an interview with lambert a few months ago him saying that he wanted all his transfers in before the germany tour, and he did make all them before the tour. and then squad numbers have all been given also. does this not point to wards no more transfers to be made?

i of course hope there is that vital one more signing AM like we all want and feel we need. just reminding people of lamberts words and to maybe not expect another face before start of the season


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I agree that Lambert hasn't treated Bent that badly
Bent's problem is that he is totally one dimensional and has to be the central striker. When you have Benteke in your squad that is not going to happen and Bent does not have the ability to play the way Weimann or Gabby can.
The team has to come first and that means no place for Bent

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I don't think Lambo's treated them badly at all, their meant to be professional footballers and get paid enough to perform and clearly they haven't so they've been frozen out and rightly so.

I wouldn't lament Bent in this though, he just doesn't fit the new regime. had a chuckle to myself when I looked at the squads age the other day and to see bents the oldest at the tender age of 29 speaks volumes about the plans PLs got in place.


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At what point did I say bent should have been starting ahead of benteke? i'd say leaving bent out of match day squads and having Bowery on the bench instead is treating bent like s***, wouldn't you? Or Atleast treating him with a lack of respect.

But either way, by making it obvious bent wasn't wanted PL devalued him.


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Scg87 I totally agree.

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I do take your point about Bowery
That is taking the Michael a little bit

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