15 Aug 2023 08:50:54
Zainilo deal looks close loan and sign him nxt season

1.) 15 Aug 2023
15 Aug 2023 22:02:31
VJ hope it’s before next season

2.) 15 Aug 2023
15 Aug 2023 22:16:42
When you listen to soccer pundits view on Zaniolo and watch some of his video clips the guy is obviously a good player, however his injury record for a 24 year old is pretty poor he has done his ACL in both knees, he has also missed a number of games due to muscle fatigue?, depression and other conditions. We already have Buendia and Mings out long term I just hope his medical is robust and we don’t sign a player even if it’s only on loan who isn’t available for most of the season.

3.) 16 Aug 2023
16 Aug 2023 19:47:49
I hear ya Lotm, I hope they know what they are doing.
I think I’d still rather Thiago Almeda.