18 Apr 2018 19:00:33
With next season in mind
I don't think Benteke is as good as most people think, very overrated and moody, and does go missing, this has been proved beyond any doubt, and I for one would not be waving any flags if we wanted him back or were connected with him.
I would rather have Charlie Austin any day, he does the job consistently and doesn't sulk, and is a very honest team player, also has a far better goals return, by a country mile.
He has it all, both feet, heading ability, big and strong, quick and skilful for a big guy, I think Austin would be a perfect fit for us, and is the type of player we should be looking at.
If we go up I think he would come to VP, if we don't go up, VP is still an attractive proposition for him.
To top that off, I would go for a loan move for Danny Ings,

1.) 19 Apr 2018
19 Apr 2018 10:13:48
Agree about benteke
He does go missing to many times and would not top my list of potential signing,
Austin would be a good shout if kept fit,
What worries me is that Bruce does like to get players in from hull which for me is not the way forward,
Being linked with Livermore would be a poor signing for me,

2.) 19 Apr 2018
19 Apr 2018 15:52:52
Livermore, no thank you.

3.) 19 Apr 2018
19 Apr 2018 18:57:45
Austin turned SB/ AVFC down before going to Southampton.
I don't think that he will change his mind.
However He is what we need, a proven scorer from any position.
Kodjia will be off as soon as his contract is up.
After a long lay off he should be ready for anything but on the pitch he ain't showing.
Saying that I am not sure what style we are attempting to play.
Everything seems to go down the wing when we have forwards that would prefer to play down the middle.
I would like to see the odd ball fed through the defence rather than 20 passes across the box.
I want to see "super" Jack lighting up the forwards with killer balls. He has the ability but probably hangs on too long and the feed's the wide man.