03 Apr 2024 22:25:26
No excuse for that result, I just hope goal difference doesn't affect our champions league hopes. Someone asked what do I expect, I certainly don't expect a weakened side with absolutely no chance of getting anything from the game. As I previously commented those fans that went tonight deserve their money back. Someone said on Twitter, maybe, in jest Emi looked at the starting line up and threw a sickie, I wouldn't blame him. I am absolutely disappointed that Emery did what he did tonight and he got exactly what he deserved, unfortunately the fans didn't.

1.) 03 Apr 2024
03 Apr 2024 22:41:04
The way City played we probably would have struggled with a full strength side.
I think Emery set up the defence expecting Haaland to start and Pep second guessed him.
Despite the line up, the game plan looked like it was working in that first half for the most part.
If you expect us to try dominate City away from home with a depleted squad then I'm glad you're not the manager because we'd have been absolutely spanked.

2.) 03 Apr 2024
03 Apr 2024 22:58:19
We don't know what we don't know. Who knows how many players are carrying knocks, had a bad week in training etc.Emery has to balance a very long equation and if losing away to City means we have a stronger chance of doing well at the weekend and our upcoming European fixture, then so be it. Business end of the season means making some tough decisions, but Emery has earned a bit of trust I think.

3.) 03 Apr 2024
03 Apr 2024 23:06:05
Didn’t get to see the match tonight, first thing I seen was the final score and I thought shi* but when I seen the lineup I have to see that I was happy enough, smart move we have a busy few weeks, did I read we have 7 games in 19 days or something like that?
Tonight was always going to be a tall order and we have more important games ahead with a better chance of winning, you said Emery got what he deserved but I’d argue that he got exactly what he expected, will tonight’s result demoralise us? Nope I don’t think so everyone will see it for what it was, a free hit. and as for the fans that went to the game I’m pretty sure they won’t cry to much they are some of the most loyal fans we have and most of the mature ones will understand when Emery picked that team, spurs also have to play all the top teams we have to be clever.
Besides in recent years city have put 5 past our best 11, it’s done now let’s put in a big performance on Saturday and get all 3 points.
Support the club not just 11 players