24 Mar 2024 12:02:57
How about Joe Coals statement, " I think Toney should play Tuesday, as Ollie hasn't played regular champions league football " .Hasn't he heard about Toney enforced holiday .The mind boggles, some of these so called experts .

1.) 24 Mar 2024
24 Mar 2024 13:55:21
When has Ivan toney played champions league football?

2.) 24 Mar 2024
24 Mar 2024 14:01:25
That’s what I’m saying, Toney hasn't played for Eight months .

3.) 25 Mar 2024
25 Mar 2024 14:36:28
He also listed Chilwell as one of the best performers in the match. He comes across as a nice bloke but sadly he also comes across as just another pundit who offers the same level of insight as a sausage sandwich.