09 Dec 2023 22:09:20
If I'm allowed without getting pelters, great result, hard earned performance and a big shout for our captain. I'm not allowed to talk about you know who, he'd had enough by half time.

1.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 02:01:44
He’d done enough by half time mate ? looked like he got a knock when tackling for the ball I hope it’s nothing serious.
Different type of performance today we looked tired in that second half and let’s be fair we had every right to be a bit leggy after the run of games we had, they left it all out there, the subs helped, Ramsey looked better than he did at Bournemouth, no Doug or digne for the next game so I hope they are the first names of the team sheet for Thursday, what do you think about Diaby? He seems a little off lately he didn’t look as much of a threat as Bailey he looks low on confidence

2.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 04:23:27
Your man may be all the difference between us being average and us actually winning something, Christ I hope so, want to go to the proper big continental teams, beat real with Bellingham, city loving you no what, UTV, actually believing now with 15 in a row, never known this so good! ????can we win it

3.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 04:30:33
Bailey is class not doubt, only going to get better under our pure class management, emery will win everything with us?????