09 Dec 2023 19:28:37
Brilliant UTV

1.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 19:44:14
It’s not just that we won again, it’s that I believed we could even before a ball was kicked. I can’t remember ever feeling like this about Villa before. It’s not some huge level of expectation or anything but more that I have belief in them and what they can do.

2.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 19:58:29
Same aswell neb, you can sense something special is happening at the villa

3.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 20:04:09
Gotta love the way we’re playing, give the opposition nothing and keep them out, even the big boys can’t cope with us

4.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 20:14:30
I put 2-1 Arsenal in super 6 just because I thought it would be too much in 3 days.
I'm glad I was wrong again. Great defensive performance, Luiz and Kamara definitely looked leggy but held their positions well.
To struggle with clean sheets all season and then have them back to back against City and Arsenal is nothing short of remarkable.

5.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 21:15:29
That's exactly what I thought and told my friend when we played against Nottingham, that even in the 90th minute I believed that we could turn the score around, it's unbelievable how far we've come