01 Dec 2023 23:00:51
Will Duran make it at this level? he looks like a clumsy old style centre forward to me and will probably end up either in the championship or back in America.He really tries to impress, unfortunately most of the time this is reckless. We really do need attacking support in the forthcoming transfer windows, if Ollie is sidelined for what ever reason we are definitely short of attacking threat.

1.) 02 Dec 2023
02 Dec 2023 00:08:09
Agree that we need a seasoned pro up front to support/challenge Watkins, but wouldn't go as far as to write off a promising teenager just yet. He needs time and coaching but there is definitely potential there.

2.) 02 Dec 2023
02 Dec 2023 07:56:09
I think he needs time to adjust to the league as it’s very different playing in the Premiership to playing in the MLS. The other thing is players need to play themselves into form which is really difficult when you only get the odd game here and there.

3.) 02 Dec 2023
02 Dec 2023 14:34:30
I really hope he makes it, unfortunately the amount of improvement needed for the premier league, in my opinion is way out of his reach and abilities. Whatever the future holds for him it's not going to happen soon enough to be a a regular player, we need at least two strikers asap an injury to Ollie and we have major problems, enough to halt our great progress

4.) 03 Dec 2023
03 Dec 2023 10:06:46
I don’t want to write him off without him ever really having a proper chance to prove himself, but as of right now?
I have to totally agree that he’s not pushing Watkins at all!
And I totally agree if Ollie got a serious injury, we’d be in a pretty weak position striker wise. We could definitely do with another attacker who could come into the team immediately if needed and at the moment that’s not Duran.
We could get away with playing Bailey or Diaby or even Zaniola up front, but that would only weaken the midfield so we definitely need another forward player or even two!