23 May 2021 19:53:53
Was brilliant to be back today, forgot how much I missed actually being there.

Always said after watching a game and then going home and watching match of the day, that the cameras only pick up about 30% of what's going on.

With that that being said Traore is twice as frustrating to watch live as on tele😂 going forward when he gets his arse in gear he could challenge Jack to be our most productive player, I really think so. But defensively, half the time he can't be bothered, if the balls on the other wing he will stand still and not tuck in or even jog to even look like he's going to cover. When defending he never wants to track the overlap, which meant hause would step out to do that and then we'd be one less in the box. He was about two more incidents from getting boo'd, then he goes and shows exactly what he can do up the other end😂.

Hope everything is back to some normality so we can get back there next season.

Best part of the day was the support for Deano, everyone off there feet at just the glimpse of him coming to do a pre match interview, same again when they was handing out the awards in the warm up and at the end of the game! Everyone firmly behind him, highest finish in a decade, wins against the "top clubs" (super league my arse) and constant progression every season. Can't wait for next season under him, enjoy your summer gents!

1.) 23 May 2021
23 May 2021 20:21:16
Enjoy your summer as well Chris 👍.

2.) 24 May 2021
24 May 2021 13:47:07
The support Deano got was how we should be Chris I take my hat off to him.