18 Jan 2024 20:46:20
Villa have bid for morgan rodgers from mboro good young talent with bags of potiential would be good signing in my opinion seen a lot of him aswell

1.) 19 Jan 2024
19 Jan 2024 19:58:37
Strangely, you’ve never mentioned him before seeing as you seen so much of him.

2.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 19:08:37
Seen him play whack when he was at lincoln whack i go watch lincoln play when i can, and watched him in championship for boro when there on sky, i watch all football and different leagues in europe when i'm not at work

3.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 19:10:49
Theres a youngster better than morgon in my opinion jonathan rowe from norwhich going to be a player in my opinion whack

4.) 20 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 21:43:01
Haha you couldn’t write this stuff Jonny, I also read the article on news now this evening about Jonathan Rowe and how villa should repeat the emi Buendia master class and raid Norwich again, now all of a sudden your on here talking about this never before mentioned player and how good he is, I’m surprised you get time to watch the villa games with all the other leagues you claim to be quiet the expert on, you do realise that those articles are there for the whole world to read they are not just on your browser ???
I dunno maybe it’s just me but I can’t believe or take anything you say serious, it matters not how many times you change your name it’s still the same kinda stuff your posting

5.) 21 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 23:49:37
Dont go on news now, your eyes don't lie you know if some1 has talent or is a good player, never changed my name aswell

6.) 21 Jan 2024
20 Jan 2024 23:54:37
I work 5days on 5 off so have loads of free time too footy and stuff

7.) 21 Jan 2024
21 Jan 2024 00:41:19
Sure thing Jonny ?