17 Oct 2022 22:50:21
Rumours going round that Gerard has been sacked tonight. still to be offically confirmed though so who knows.

1.) 18 Oct 2022
18 Oct 2022 08:56:00
Seems like BS mate, but usually no smoke without fire - Massive week for Gerrard.

2.) 18 Oct 2022
18 Oct 2022 10:40:07
Yep, club has come out in 'outrage' at the shoddy reporting.which probably means they'll do a Liz Truss and sack him on the weekend.

3.) 18 Oct 2022
18 Oct 2022 12:57:21
As you know I don’t believe the club should pull the trigger on Gerrard yet, as managers need to be given time. However an article this morning suggests that Poch isn’t likely to accept any post before the World Cup, therefore I wonder whether Gerrard has until the break to turn things around before the axe may fall.

4.) 18 Oct 2022
18 Oct 2022 17:22:52
I'm normally well and truly in your camp Loti, but must admit even I'm struggling to find much ammunition to defend Gérard with. That said, if we can start putting the ball away and playing like we did for the first 60 against Chelsea then there's a small spark of hope for him. Glass half empty fans will always assume the form will continue and we'll be in a relegation battle, glass half full will use Arteta and Arsenal as a good example of allowing time to fundamentally change a team/culture. I'm torn, and so have resorted to beer.

5.) 18 Oct 2022
18 Oct 2022 21:58:21
Comparing Gerrard to Arteta is like comparing Night to Day though DBS - There is no similarity bar the fact they are both young managers.

6.) 19 Oct 2022
19 Oct 2022 00:31:00
Hi BK - I was using the comparison as an example of how a new manager can struggle in his first season or so, be the focal point of a fan backlash but go on to be successful given time.
Not necessarily suggesting Gérard will go on to be that successful, just making the point that it can happen. So in that respect, I don't see why it isn't a valid comparison.but each to their own I guess.

7.) 19 Oct 2022
19 Oct 2022 06:28:06
Arteta had a system that suited the players at his disposal and stuck with it.
He was also bringing through some exciting youngsters, had as many if not more injuries and was effectively playing without a first team level striker.
Arsenal had a few bad results but were not as deep in it as we are as you can't judge 3 games in. By this point they were already starting to make positive moves.
Gerrard on the other hand has only one consistent tactic which is to rely on 2 defenders to do most of the attacking work which is still bewildering to me.
Constant changing of the forward players means no partnership or understanding is being built up between them or the midfield.
He's also snapping up older players like they are valuable antiques or collectibles. Not one player is improving under him, even Martinez is a shadow of himself.

8.) 19 Oct 2022
19 Oct 2022 10:27:13
Arteta won the FA cup in his first season in charge DBS, he had a clear vision for the club, a strategy on and off the pitch which is now baring fruit - Arsenal lost games initially while he cleared out the deadwood and yes there was fan backlash but everybody could see what Arteta was trying to achieve and what his foot all philosophy was, he also had a clear transfer strategy that would benefit the club in the short and long term. We have none of this under Gerrard, if the comparison is simply Arteta didn't win games initially then fine but he delivered an FA Cup and finished 2 points off 4th in his first season, that was an incredible achievement and he's a million miles ahead of where Gerrard is currently after 12 months.

9.) 19 Oct 2022
19 Oct 2022 16:12:04
I agree, BK. Comparisons with Arteta are way off the mark. At no stage did Arsenal look as bad as we are right now. In terms of long term strategy, Dean Smith had built a good foundation with some sound transfer logic. It all went pear shaped when Jack, ROK and JT went. Gerrard/Purslow has done nothing but dismantle it all. Now we are left with a misfiring strike force, a team with a total lack of confidence and Coutinho, a spent force at the end of his career on a huge wage. The rot is starting to go right through the Club. We used to have a good academy. What is happening to that? It was working, so why did we sack the manager! Purlsow and Gerrard need to go IMHO.

10.) 19 Oct 2022
19 Oct 2022 23:16:06
I understand your point DBS but to borrow your phrase "anybody with half a brain" could see Arsenal just needed time, Gerrard has had 12 months and we have regressed in that period despite significant investment and an overhaul of our transfer strategy. I don't think this is short-termism, I think this is a very fair assessment of a manager who hasn't fulfilled his remit and has taken the club backwards in many respects over the past year. To give him more time could end in relegation, he may turn out to be a very fine manager in years to come but this is a failed experiment that really needs to come to an end IMO. Who knows, we could get 6 points this week and the table looks very different, I just haven't seen any evidence to suggest that will happen sadly.

11.) 20 Oct 2022
20 Oct 2022 15:43:36
If you can be bothered to trawl back through fan comments (both Arsenal and others), media reports and general discussion I think the vast majority were calling for Arteta to go or mocking him and Arsenal from afar. Different context like I say, much in the same way Utd we're getting mocked for daring to look like dropping outside the top 4 again. Villa aren't starting from a position of strength, so our context is different and like I say, I've got some serious reservations about the current management too, I just tend not to be 'all in' on either side without considering the broader context first.
This is an unexpectedly long justicification for what i thought was a pretty neutral view haha.
Anyway, on the train to the game tonight and here's hoping we can build on the first 60 mins against Chelsea!
The bar is calling, over and out.

12.) 20 Oct 2022
20 Oct 2022 20:20:12
LOL Enjoy the game DBS, watching it on TV (half time currently) and it's depressing. Hopefully the pints help :-)