23 Mar 2024 16:40:23
Many Villa fans don't rate Boregate and in my opinion fully justified, tonight is the perfect opportunity to show how Watkins should be the back up/support to Kane.I just hope Ollie gets to start tonight, it's fully deserved, however Boregate has form when it comes to him picking Villa players. Konsa, Mings, Jack, Ollie have all been ignored even when playing well and in most cases better than those picked ahead of them, it wouldn't surprise me if he starts with Toney. The press reckon he will only take one of them to the euros and one other comment was Toney should be favourite because if it goes to penalties he would be invaluable, what a load of crap. If or when we fail to win the Euros Man Utd will be a match made in heaven for him to pursue his failure. Sky today highlighted his failure against the top ten teams, his win rate is a poor 30% which goes to prove why he shouldn't never be in position.

1.) 23 Mar 2024
23 Mar 2024 18:51:46
I actually think England would be better with Watkins over Kane, if only for the fact that by forcing the defence backwards it provides more space for the likes of Saka, Foden, Grealish to be effective.
Kane is a good finisher and decent passer of the ball, but by coming deep so often, he squeezes the pitch and prevents the creative players from being anywhere near as effective as they can be.
Just look at Bayern, Kane is scoring a lorryload but the team as a whole are suffering. Their story is becoming the same as Spurs and England, if Kane isn't scoring then the team aren't winning.

2.) 23 Mar 2024
23 Mar 2024 20:07:33
Having whacked a sitter over the bar, I suspect Toney may be introduced for the second half. ?

3.) 24 Mar 2024
24 Mar 2024 11:22:21
Defender got to the ball first, so not really a sitter.