09 Dec 2023 21:19:05
Hate to put a dampener on it all because we have every reason to be on cloud 9 now but I was talking to Stefan Moore last week who's still involved with the club and he said he's worried about us going forward.
Apparently Emery runs the club from top to bottom with around 50 staff around him, Stefans worry is when he eventually goes it's going to be a huge gap to fill across the board. Not for one minute did he claim Emery was leaving but if a Barcelona or Madrid come calling its hard to say no and Apparently he has final say on everything so when he does leave us he's taking the whole infrastructure with him potentially

1.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 22:20:19
Why the f**k worry about the future and put a damper on the good times at the moment and I'm accused of many things, but nothing as negative as this

2.) 09 Dec 2023
09 Dec 2023 23:57:53
1. Emery learnt from his time at PSG that he works better with control. It is why he turned down Newcastle and will likely deter him from the likes of Barcelona and Real.
2. Assuming we stick with him he won't leave until he has won something during his spell. Also one of the reasons he turned down Newcastle.
3. Unlike Sevilla and Villareal we won't sell everybody of any value every year. We have the finances to choose who we are willing to sell and for not a penny less than top dollar that will be reinvested.
4. Our owners are astute enough to have contingency plans.
5. Whenever he does leave, for whatever reason, there is always a chance we will struggle to hit the same heights for a while. This happens to a lot of clubs after a hugely successful manager leaves.

3.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 00:06:04
Proper positive RK

4.) 10 Dec 2023
10 Dec 2023 04:39:40
Emery knows how a proper football club needs to be run, hopefully both Swarez and Eden have seen what they have found, because they are who control it all, got to say I think they have got it all right so far, 15 in a row, absolute fortress, new record, emerys is going to get many more, should soon get the key to the city! ???