06 Aug 2022 17:15:50
Haven't seen the game but we had 64% possession, 12 shots but only 2 on target. Admittedly it's the first game but it appears it's the same as last season we don't have an out and out goal scorer. As last year we can't beat a newly promoted side who is expected to struggle. It doesn't bode well.

1.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 17:25:37
Same here I didn’t see the game but it was as I expected, my comments here last week were questioned but I am without doubt when I say we haven’t strengthened enough to improve us. going to be a long season, hopefully we improve for next week and get some points on the board.

2.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 17:38:19
You were lucky loti if you didn't see the game, woeful flatters us

3.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 17:44:08
We were terrible Ings, pi$$ poor - No creative spark, couldn't keep possession in midfield (again) and tactically poor (Gerrard still doesn't know his best 11 and that is very worrying).

4.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 18:13:15
I feel this game was pivotal. He kept saying we needed a preseason. Now we have had one and nothing has changed. Plenty of possession but no idea what to do with it. Coutinho needs a break from the pressure and fight for his place. It could all go sour quite quickly, imho.

5.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 18:31:31
Stats saying 12 shots is being generous. Half of those were Mcginn, Kamara and Carlos hoofing it into the stands out of frustration.

6.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 20:47:00
I didn't see a leader at the back. Gerrard bigging up Carlos as a leader, he can't speak English yet! Also didn't see McGinn get into the players to sort it out. Ings was feeding off scraps thought he did ok, Bailey was too one footed and Coutinho may aswell of put his shirt on a training dummy and gone to the pub. Mings must've had a giggle to himself.

7.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 21:41:03
I agree about McGinn. Not doing it as captain. But who else could?

8.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 21:59:39
Perhaps Gerrard has been listening to large sections of the Villa fanbase who lambast Mings on a weekly basis and have been calling for him to be dropped for 18 months. I never got the Mings criticism, yes he has a mistake in him and can he frustrating at times but the man wins us more points that he costs us by a country mile. He was badly missed today IMO.

9.) 06 Aug 2022
06 Aug 2022 22:45:20
That's where we have the problem. No one can dictate the game. We're one paced