14 Jun 2022 09:22:50
Bissoma off to Spurs - Disappointing, I felt he was a banker given our bid for him in January! Hopefully we have another target in mind.

1.) 14 Jun 2022
14 Jun 2022 14:02:19
It’s a shame because him and Kamara in the middle of the park would have been a definite improvement on what we have currently and as much as Gerrard is a draw for players so unfortunately is Conte and with the prospect of Champions League football on offer even if we better Spurs offer I think we would be onto a loser.

2.) 14 Jun 2022
14 Jun 2022 14:13:01
Where are spurs going to play all these midfielders

3.) 14 Jun 2022
14 Jun 2022 18:05:27
They don’t have to play them all Whacky.Top six are buying up the players to stifle the competition and make it a closed shop.
The London clubs have an advantage over us because these players want to be in the capital.

4.) 14 Jun 2022
14 Jun 2022 18:25:57
Whack, it’s all about building a squad particularly if you want to compete on all fronts and a serial winner like Conte will want to do just that he won’t be happy playing second fiddle to Klopp and Guardiola