21 Jul 2021 11:06:20
If we could get Leon Bailey from Leverkusen that would be a huge upgrade on what we have and maybe just a show of intent to Jack to show we mean business and to stick with us and lead this group forward.

1.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 12:09:23
Watkins up top with Grealish left Bailey right and Buendia in the ten, wow.

2.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 12:10:12
Just read about this Smithy, sounds good to me if it happens. £30m mentioned.

{Ed002's Note - Leon Bailey (RW/LW) A player who has had his mojo drifting away and Bayer Leverkusen are open to him moving on. Spurs are keen but want the price to drop further. Prior interest of Everton and Leeds has drifted away - Everton already being over loaded with players who are predominently LW and Leeds have preferred options. Arsenal or Manchester United may offer an option but Arsenal really need to make some decisions on their squad. Aston Villa may offer an option but they have added Emiliano Buendia and already have Traore on the right and Trezeguet and Grealish on the left so it is ahard to see how he would fit in.}

3.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 12:54:45
Trezeguet will warm the bench, as will Traore.

El ghazi will be sold if the offers right for the club.

So Bailey will fit in nicely behind Watkins along with grealish and Buendia.

4.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 13:57:52
If he wasn’t injured I’m sure trez would have been moved on already, and El Ghazi would stay. We need two players for every position and he’s undoubtedly an improvement.

5.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 14:07:30
Its not hard to see how anyone would fit in with some imagination.
Bailey is an upgrade on either Trez or El Ghazi, so either or both would be moved on.
As pointed out we need two in every position, and improvements are needed in some positions, the players have done very well for us, but there comes a time when places need to be created, and this could very well be one of them.

6.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 13:32:08
Guys, could this happen? He's a massive step up on what we currently have in the position from what I've seen, albeit I haven't seen a huge amount of him. This could be a scary front line :-)


Grealish, Buendia, Baily

Ed, what's your thoughts on the possibility of signing him? I would have thought he was out of our reach without Europe?

{Ed002's Note - It is possible but much will depend on a departure.}

7.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 14:41:24
You think he's Grealishs replacement rather than Villa moving on from ESR Ed?

I'm in the, possibly niave camp that Grealish stays but I believe I said that about Delph as well LoL.

{Ed002's Note - There will be an effort made to buy Grealish and resistance from AV. Having lost out on Milot Rashica then Bailey provides and option - as does Dwight McNeil.}

8.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 15:02:05
We never lost out on rashica…. we had no interest in him this summer.

{Ed002's Note - Aston Villa spoke with Altin Lala in April.}

9.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 15:10:23
Just seen a few links suggesting we're also in 'advanced talks' with Norwich over Cantwell.
Would love it if both he and Bailey came in but can only see that happening if Grealish is off. or we're trying to ship multiple players out and keep Grealish.
Forward options including Grealish, Bailey, Buendia and Cantwell does sound amazing though.

10.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 15:47:49
Can’t see us signing both Bailey and Cantwell unless of course Jack is moving on.

11.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 15:53:06
Cantwell is a bit underwhelming for me, outshone by Buendia consistently, who is now ours, leave Cantwell and see if he can shoulder the responsibility solo now.

12.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 16:07:03
Apparently Leicester are after a winger after deciding not to make the deal for Under permanent, one of the players they are monitoring is Leon Bailey.

13.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 16:42:52
Cantwell has 1 year left on his contract. If he’s reluctant to sign a new one, Norwich may well be prepared to lower the asking price. Cantwell for 20 million for instance would represent good value for money wouldn’t he? I think so anyway.

14.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 17:13:57
I understand where you're coming from Chris, but being outshone by the best player in the league doesn't mean too much to me. From what I've seen, he's a very good player already with even higher potential, so if we can get him for a reasonable price he'd be a very astute bit of business in my book. Only time will tell though I guess.

15.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 17:23:50
But if it came to Cantwell or Bailey, there’s only one answer for me.

16.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 17:31:29
Cantwell doesn't get the juices flowing for me, if it's Cantwell in with and eye on shipping AEG or Trez out then yes that improves the squad but if it's an alternative to Bailey, no thanks. Bailey hands down.

17.) 21 Jul 2021
21 Jul 2021 17:39:19
Agreed, pretty sure most people would prefer Bailey over Cantwell. I'm just being optimistic and hoping for both!