09 Mar 2020 22:14:12
Time is here, now, for an immediate change.
Sorry Deano, nice chap, but not in the ball game.
Individually every player including Grealish and Mings are not playing at a level that can be described as premier league.
No invention, no imagination, no passion. No idea!
I look for style but found a pair of old shoes when I wanted something with polish.
Players are stationery when they should be looking for space to take a pass, giving the man with the ball a target and then moving.
10 games to go and our only hope is that 3 other teams play worse than AVFC.
Probably the poorest team I have seen in Claret and Blue including the relegation side.
What do they do in training?
So pi. ed off even the cat gone into hiding.

1.) 09 Mar 2020
09 Mar 2020 22:26:58
Tyrone struts round the place like he is a mixture of Maldini and Baresi; he needs to focus more on winning one header in the box.