12 May 2022 02:38:14
Reports suggest that couthinho has signed permanently.

1.) 12 May 2022
12 May 2022 17:36:21
I stand corrected - according to The Guardian a 20m Euro (£17.2m) deal has been agreed for Coutinho.

2.) 12 May 2022
12 May 2022 19:46:51
100% confirmed, seems figure is €20 which for me makes it a really good piece of business!

Welcome Phil onwards and upwards and great statement of intent especially getting it done already! Full pre season with us!

3.) 12 May 2022
12 May 2022 20:01:53
Menace Coutino now officially a Villa player as per AVFC site.

4.) 12 May 2022
12 May 2022 22:31:52
Great piece of business. Other quality players are likely to follow given his commitment to the club. I think we’ll also see much more of his real talent now he has a permanent home - being on loan must be unsettling for a player of his quality, especially after the way things didn’t work for him at Barca.