22 Jul 2021 19:17:12
My mate reckons Bailey is as good as done, I don't know anything about these issues that have being mentioned, seems like a quality addition I'm excited for this almost as much as Buendia.

1.) 22 Jul 2021
22 Jul 2021 20:15:39
Whacky, It might just be jealous idle gossip, from a team who are coming to terms with the fact the can`t compete with us anymore.
Or that once more another player has chosen us over them.
Our management have my backing on any player they choose.

2.) 24 Jul 2021
24 Jul 2021 15:04:28
I respect the optimism in regard to a potential fee for Marv, but no one will cough up £20M. He has been seldom used by Smith and was hardly an ever-present before we bought him.

He breaks up play well, but doesn’t do a lot with the ball. If we sold him, we could really need a new no. 6 because Luiz, Sanson and McGinn don’t really do that role justice. However, Smith and Co. seem to have different ideas because they fancied Ward-Prowse, another no. 8. Maybe the thought is to go with 2 x 8 and try to adapt, although we did get overrun at times last season.

Apart from Sarr, the only other recent mention of a listed DM I can recall was Zamba Anguissa - and that trail seems to have gone dead.