07 Jun 2018 17:19:32
I just don't get how the tabloids work here is an example of two conflicting statements in the very same article published by sky sports, I quote :-

"Owner Dr Tony Xia attempting to attract new investors and is prepared to offload club altogether, "

followed by :-

"Officially, Sky Sports News has been told the club is not for sale and that Dr Xia's financial problems are the result of cash-flow issues in China. "

And you wonder why fans are confused!

1.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 13:02:13
The media has a lot to answer for. They have gone out of their way to portray our club in a very bad light. most of what has been said is sensationalism. I called for calm and patience among our fans because what we were getting from media was just so confusing with nothing to back up what they were saying most of it bullshit and inuendo. I still believe Tony Xia will sort it all out. Also i believe Steve Bruce will still be our manager. I know that won't sit well with some fans. However getting a new manager will de stabalise us further. i'm a Bruce fan and believe he is our best option still.

2.) 08 Jun 2018
08 Jun 2018 14:40:38
It appears to be feeding frenzy within some sections of the media, especially the Birmingham Mail, publishing ridiculous stories, such as the one of the banner draped on the balcony of the rear of the Holte end, apparently by Albion fans.
Things are looking a bit tricky, and could easily deteriorate by next month, but no point losing your head and losing your bottle. Villa is a unique club in many ways. Just remember how long we have been around, survived the Boar war years, WW1, Depression, WW11, the Division 3 years etc. Bruce is the best bet, need to keep him at the club if possible, I am sure he won’t bail unless he is either told there is no money, or asked to leave.
No matter what happens I will still give our great old club 100% support. UTV.