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08 Jul 2013 22:43:50
Benteke has handed in a transfer request! Sh**

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Absolutely disgusted. We gave him everything and he's thrown it back in our faces. I would have been happy if he'd have given us 1 more season and then moved, but no, he had to go and get greedy! So now, next season he will sit on the bench for some rich ass club and throw away his chances of becoming a world class striker. /rant

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Their it is now we know. i'm honoured to have had such a high class player at our club even if it was for only 1 season. sell abroad so we don't have to deal with him next season. 30 mill no less.

norn iron lion

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Sad news hey! Still think he is best off staying at Villa one more season. becoming another bench warmer for one of the big clubs will surely ruin his World Cup chances. Good luck Christian. Now let's cash in big time on this cow!

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Well, it's been coming

It's really annoying, when you get a super player, they do brilliant for 1 season, why, because every time they will go to a bigger club and not stick with the Fuc*in club who took a chance with him, pulling him out of a sh*te league

Time to repay the favour

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Gutted. what we gona do now?lets hope helenius steps up to the plate. we won't get another replacement anywhere near as good no matter how much we get for benteke.

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We all knew it was coming so let's just get rid

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I haven't been this disappointed, with regard to football matters, since we lost the FA cup final to Chelsea
I can't help but be hugely upset with the boy.

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Hmm anyone else less interested in seeing Bent leave now? It all depends on if Benteke leaves and who we could bring in in terms of a replacement, but he is a goal scorer.


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Guys let's get real we are a selling club like everton so please get your head out the clouds and wake up. we are no longer a. Big club those glory days are gone without the billions going in like city we can just hope gto survive in the epl. lambert dealing in youth great but not selling season tickets is it. villa fan till I die but we wo nt be top midland side this year it pains me to say.

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Well persanolly after seeing this and then reporting it on here I feel very diss appointed, I for one would of been ok if he had gone next season.

I don't think we will be getting 30+ just for the reason he may flop next season. Remember papis cisse last season there where rumors about people bidding 20+ but what is he worth this season 8+.

I think if we get offered 22 million we will accept and in terms of replacements I expect someone to come in.

Who that is I don't know

No player is bigger than the club, VILLA TILL I DIE

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Have some confidence in our Villa team

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He benteke is off to Chelsea for 25 million and we get lakuka for season with Chelsea paying he's wages. good business for villa

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And now you know what it's like! ie mr Bent. Karma baby.

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To be fair I'd keep him, if he sulks he doesn't play and because he isn't playing he won't go to the world cup! So he would play well cause he wants to go to brazil. You have him over a barrel!

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Late bid for Bony anyone!
Benteke - I hope you join Chelsea, £25m & I will shout you bag at you! #greedybentekkers!

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Gutted. Thanks to Mr Benteke for his year of loyal service. It's sad to say I think that is all we can expect as fans these days. It was always on the cards and with teams after him conducting their transfer negotiations via the media it was only a matter of time.
Truly dissapointed but I'll get over it. Big love to all Villa fans get behind the lads that want to wear the shirt.

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Makes a bit of sense shmiggles - if Benteke goes anywhere this might be it.

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Personally I don't think we need to panic I think PL and PF will have planned for this, and have a replacement lined up

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There is a lot of clubs wanting Christian, Villa will start a bidding war & with financial heavy weights Man City & Chelsea involved - the amount will rise above £30m + for sure!

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Maybe this is all just a way of Benteke trying to get a bigger wage at Villa than the £40k he has been offered? Its happened before & I would say this is what it is again!

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Come on - how naive are you all?

Benteke was always going to leave this summer. The indications were very obvious.

Forget £25 million as well. Now people know he wants to leave, the price will drop.

£20 million might be enough, maybe even less.

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Wish we could get bony as a replacement but his move to swansea should be confirmed today so too late unfortunately

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Ok so benteke the money grabbing pr#ck is off we have to look to the future

come on guys who should we try and get to replace him?

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Bony, honda, wagner love, mertens even danny welbeck all possible replacements lined up.

As for the creative midfielder wev been crying out for I think its imperative we offer kiyotakes club a bumper offer.

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jus because he handed in a request does not mean we have to accept the first derisory offer that comes along.
as said correctly by someone above it will spark a bidding war resulting in the worlds richest clubs fighting it out for his services.

20mil maybe where the bidding begins but it will be the first of many bids to be rejected til we get 30mil maybe more. u r the naive 1 fella.


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Bent got more league goals than welbeck last season who notched jus once in PL
honda and mertens are att mids and vagner love doesn't fit lamberts criteria whatsoever. bony to swansea so you want to try again there mate with guessin the big mans replacement?!

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After everything Villa have done for Christian Benteke I am more than just angry, I'm disappointed! The biglad has been supported, respected, cherrished and centralised to the whole Aston Villa ethos under PL and now he has well adn truly kicked the fans, the manager and the players he played with in the balls! I have a feeling his agent is behind most of this and therefore Benteke trusts him. ! Trust the Villa Benteke, ffs, have some heart and passion! Decline your request and play for us, but I fear Benteke has well and truly burnt the bridge and ruined the bond between him and the club and fans now! I can only see one outcome! But NOONE is bigger than the club, NOONE! Lambert will bring in a gem to replace you if you go! I liked Benteke, I really did, but sources are telling me there is much more to this story to come. AVFC VTID

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I'm sure I saw mertens signing for Napoli.


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You expect loyalty from your players but offer no loyalty back. I've read things such as "I'll personally drive Bent there myself just to get rid of him" think about why players have no loyalty. As soon as they struggle fans want them gone. Trust me there won't be a bidding war, 20mill will be a good piece of business like I said even before he handed in a transfer request!

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If i'm honest I didn't /don't expect him to stay. But I would just have loved. just for once. for him to have proved the speculation wrong, risen above the media hype and shown some class and integrity by staying for another season on an improved deal before then moving on. As it is he is off to Chelsea where there will be a new formidable front 2 of Benteke/Lukaku. This deal was apparently agreed days ago.

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Scg87: Re Mertins, you are correct.

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Hondas a striker who can play in midfield {Ed001's Note - Honda is actually a midfielder, his chosen position is attacking midfield, though his country and clubs have often used him as a striker. For that matter, he has also been used as a left back, left wing back, left midfield, left sided forward, defensive midfielder, box to box midfielder and target man! He has been on record as saying that he feels he is best just behind the striker though. Personally I am disappointed in his lack of versatility, about time he learned how to be a back up keeper!}

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08 Jul 2013 22:30:36
Hi all.
I don't believe it but have just seen that there "MIGHT" be a 20mil release clause in Bentekes contract.

This is not me saying this I have been reading on one of the transfer sites, sorry I look at so many just can't remember which.

Got to be rubbish!


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08 Jul 2013 19:41:27
I know bents on his way but 5 million that's been reported can't have that the man scores goals where ever he's played and other clubs are paying way more on strikers who have never played in the premier I know he's wages are probably why he's going on the cheap but hopefully we get a bit more

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Have to agree villamurf.
5 mil is a snip, he needed to do a bit more outside the 18yd box to suit PL.
As you say let's hope we get a bit more than the reported 5 mil.
Possible that some other club is keeping shtum on this and might come in at the last minute!
He will score goals though, let's hope not against us.

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Surely it will be 5mill plus add ons for appearances and goals scored. a realistic figure would be 7m

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08 Jul 2013 18:51:43
with spurs loosing out on villa (david villa), they have today enquired into benteke, villa to hold firm he is not for sale, but looks like this could be a on-going sage until the deadline day! would rather have it settled quick, be that he goes or stays so we can prepare either way with little disruption to the team!

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You got your wish, he's going lol.

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08 Jul 2013 16:18:06
Nathan Delfouneso is said to be deciding between offers from Wigan and Blackpool as offers have been accepted from both by #AVFC


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Don't sell the fonz, just loan him out to keep gaining experience and 1st team action.

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He's been loaned out the past few seasons, he wouldn't be a decent eough scorer of goals in the pl, could be a good signing for a championship team though


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Players don't hit there peak till they are 25+ which is still plenty of time to become a first team player, plenty of hard work and I am sure Nathan can become an integral part to our squad this season.

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Fons is better than bowery

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