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08 Jul 2012 20:57:09
Aston villa set to make a 8 million pound bid for celtic playmaker ki

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Good player cant see Lambert spending that much when he can get cheaper alternitives

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08 Jul 2012 20:43:21
MON set to take Gabby sunderland for a fee of 8m and one of Collins/dunne will go with him as in different reports they change which one is going but a senior centre back will go with Gabby in a deal totaling 10-12m

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Would be sorry to see Gabby go, but 8m for a guy who's scored something like 8 league goals in 2 seasons is a great deal. Would bite their hands off, as long as Lambert is given the money to reinvest. I would throw both Collins and Dunne in for free - they are useless !!

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If we can get 8 million plus for Gabby we should rip his arm off. Gabby never looks like scoring and when he is through on goal my money has always been on him missing. Take the money and run the same way we did with Luke Moore

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How long has it been suggested MON wants Gabby?!? about 1 1/2 years! (including 2 transfer windows).
Offer 15m & I'll be intrested in selling Gabby , otherwise no deal!

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Good deal for Villa if it happens.Looks almost to good to be true.

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Let him go for that much without his pace he would never be a prem player take 8 million and try and get defoe or maybe zaha if want young player

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O'Neill's wanted Gabby for a year and a half? Really? Why would O'Neill have wanted Gabby when he wasn't even in football management? {Ed043's Note - im sure o'neil will have kept an eye out for gabby when he was out of managment as all managers do with players they like or think would be good signings}

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08 Jul 2012 20:37:07
Arsenal, Aston Villa and Everton target Tongo Doumbia has revealed that he is in talks with a Premier League club
The rennes midfielder has 2 years left on his current contract

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Very good player really rate him

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Fantastic young player! Would be a top class signing!

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08 Jul 2012 09:47:21
Hi Ed

Hearing that Villa are chasing Celtic's LB Emilio Izaguirre, Honduras international age 26. Any news on this as would be a great replacement for Warnock. Also linked with Bertrand from Chelsea although this bid appears to be coming to nothing as Chelsea see him as Ashley Coles long term replacement. {Ed043's Note - the rumours about bertrand apear to be true and chelsea have been rumoured to have rejected a bid for bertrand, as for iraguirre there has been a few links and i would imagen that if we cant obtain the services of bertrand we will more than likely go for him to replace warnock}

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Warnock is on his way out - finally!
Izaguirre is top quality but Bertrand would be ideal as we have a name for creating English stars.

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08 Jul 2012 13:02:56
Yacine brahimis move to villa is complete. Announcement very soon

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Where do these stories come from?theres been nothing on sky about this.

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Where u had this info from!?

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Hope this is true!

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Still not heard anything!!??

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U'll see tomoz it will be announced maybe tuesday at latest

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Lambert likes to do his transfers quickly & behind closed doors.

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Hope ur right he's quality!!

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Apparently mat kendrick said these rumors are not true and he will not be joining us

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08 Jul 2012 12:43:59
Villa and qpr interested in defoe but qpr are favourites at the moment

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Villas-Boas has stated he isn't for sale!
Bent & Defoe would be great but I don't see it.

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^ You're forgetting Bent and Defoe didn't exactly work wonders together at Spurs!

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They were never given a fair crack! Jeanette was always first choice then Defoe then bent. They never had a good run together which I think would be a good strike force!

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Keane!! Whoops haha

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Whilst I like both Defoe and Bent as goalscorers, they are way to similar, extremely one dimensional. Would be great to have both in the squad, but not in the same team, and we can't afford to pay someone the wages that Bent/Defoe are on to sit on the bench. Never gonna happen. {Ed043's Note - Defoe is not on as much as you would expect because spurs have a low wage cap and with the amount of wages that are leaving the club it is possible however i highly doubt that defoe would be willing to leave spurs as he recently built a house right next to the training camp so would probbly not be willing to leave}

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08 Jul 2012 15:48:29
A new link thats starting to gain momentum is that Sofiane Feghouli of Valancia is a possible back-up option if the Brahimi deal falls through? (apparently Feghouli is on very low wages at Mestalla and would be open to a move to the epl)

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Would prefer Brahimi :)

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Defo!! Brahimi looks a top player if we can sign him! Lambert makin top signings already, exciting players!

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