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31 May 2013 16:27:33
Darren Bent will become Mark Hughes first signing at Stoke, it's believed the deal is worth £6million.

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Replace him with bony?
Front line of benteke agbonlahor weimann bony nzogbia holman

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Take Ireland with him plz

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Not sure about bent going to Stoke, but I think Ireland will go there and link up wiyh his old buddy Hughes

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Bent is only willing to take the drop in wages if he's going to a london club and stoke have a wage cap 45k a week

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Holman has been saying to Aussie paper he might leave. I think we should sell him tbh. 2-3 million profit

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Don't think bent can be that fussy about his wages/next club to be honest.

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Stoke want to play attacking football & that's not Peter Crouch. Stoke also say they want to improve their league positions which means spending more cash - they will want Bent.

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So. a front line of 6 and presumably 3 across the back and 1 in midfield.
I suppose its different!!

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We should use that money to buy a new defender/midfielder our forwards are solid. If we get these Bulgarian wingers we can use them on the wing if Benteke gets injured the push gabby or weimann in their favourite striker role

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31 May 2013 10:28:26
Cresswell and Murphy will sign for villa in mid July once Villa have tied down the likes of Benteke, Weinman, Lowton and Westwood.

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Better not leave it late : (

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Hopefully benteke, weimann an lowton will sign new contracts before mid July.

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Benteke is joining spurs or the gunners and wiemann will join Norwich as he doesn't want another relagation battle

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Weimann will join norwich cus he doesn't want to be in another relegation battle? Lmfao! Norwich are an always gunna be in a relegation battle, they have no future in the prem, there here to make up the numbers, that's it!

Norwich fans love coming on the villa forum, I reckon their closeted villa fans

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Norwich will be in a far worse position than Villa. Villa were as close to mid-table as they were the relegation battle come the end of the season.

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"Sunderland and Newcastle United target Andreas Weimann’s future is up to Aston Villa, according to his agent. "
So, how is Weimann going to join a mediocre side like Norwich City then?

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You've been reading the rags again haven't you mate
Why the hell would Weimann go to Norwich?
They were in practically the same position as us at the end of last season. If you insist on making stuff up, at least make it plausible. or consider a career in journalism

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Is that the Norwich that was in the relegation battle with us? How much dead horse is there to beat on this benteke story, whenever it dies some unknown sports website reposts the same post and starts it up again.

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31 May 2013 10:06:41
Villa ARE interested in Aleksandar Tonev but he isn't having a medical!

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What exactly does this mean? As far as i'm aware you only have a medical if the two sides agree a fee and give permission.

Unless things have changed dramatically in a matter of days.

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Bit hard when he was playing for his club last night.

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According to the paper this was published in. there was a rumour that he was due in for a medical today. but it turns out that Villa are only interested in signing him and no nothing as yet has been agreed between the clubs

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Villa are in talks with his club over a fee for Tonev but nothing more. His projected move to Celtic is now on hold as he would prefer to play in the EPL than the SPL.

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Troy Deeney would be the best signing, good young promising striker who is prolific in front of goal.

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A fee of £2.5m has now been agreed - he is now scheduled a medical & personal talks!

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£2. 5 Million fee agreed, will have contract talks over the weekend.
Deal should be completed by Tuesday.

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31 May 2013 09:42:16
Darren Bent's replacement will be one of the following

Charlie Austin
Dwight Gayle
Matej Vydria
Troy Deeney

all valued around 2-4m mark

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None of the forwards listed here are anywhere near villas standards. have u actually watched any of them? all awful.

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Everyone par Gayle coul make it in the prem- they have all par Gayle scored 20+ this season

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If bent goes as a replacement I think I'd like to see lukaku on loan maybe or someone like Defoe he may be available if spurs sigh villa or Damiao. I'd even get Keane back. These are suggestions. I'll wait for the divs now who go he wants youth bla bla bla. Like I pointed out at the top of the post it's who I WOULD LIKE TO SEE :)

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Lukaku could be easily drawn to Villa Park due to Villa having Benteke, imagine Bentekkers & Lukaku! #unbeatable.

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You lot are dilluded! None of them strikers up to your standard!? The only striker u have that is worth anything is Benteke, Bent never gets a look in (only Lambert knows why), Agbonlahor/Weimann will never be 20 goal a season strikers and are preferred in the wide areas, Bowery. say no more! Its time you were a bit more realistic with your expectations! Austin and Vydra would do a decent job for Villa, Gayle not quite ready yet and Deeney is a bit hit and miss!

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Matej vydra is class. He'd be a great signing, but none will be able to do what Benteke did, those guys would be better replacements if we can't resign Weimann, but not replacing Benteke

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Gabby is a 15 goals a season striker & Weimann will easily be a 20 goal a season striker. and you calling us deluded!

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Gabby and Weimann would get 20 between them! WAKE UP!!

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I'm sorry but playing out of position gabby and andi both scored 12 each. That's 24 goals from out of position. Imaging them linking up top if benteke leaves. Which he WON'T.

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31 May 2013 05:11:42
Tom huddlestone, adel taarrat

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Taraabt is lazy, the exact type of player Lambert's trying to get rid of.

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I'd take huddlestone, Taarabt no thanks we already got enough players who piss about with the ball ending up in nothing.

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31 May 2013 02:00:03
Villa and Stoke to battle it out for Tom Huddlestone this summer.

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30 May 2013 21:54:40
Is the flamini transfer just a rumour or are we actually looking to bring him in on a free transfer? Good signing if true

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We were also rumoured to have wanted him last summer

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He signed a new 1 year contract extension so not happening

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Yet last summer he wasn't a free agent.

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Just because he wasn't a free agent last summer does not mean we were not interested in him

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