Aston Villa Rumours Archive April 30 2013


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30 Apr 2013 20:30:03
Borussia Dortmund are supposedly keen on Benteke, they've got money to burn after some big sales, would rather him go abroad than seeing him each week in a Spuds shirt, still hopeful we can hold onto him mind. Arsenal and Manchester city are circling too.

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Benteke is staying for probably 1 more season as he wants regular football not to be some bench boy! he doesn't want to end up like Lukaku - being passed around!

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He'll definately stay at least till January as he's going to try and have a buy out clause put in his new contract which we need to avoid

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£30m wouldn't even be considered.
His agent has said its "99% certain he'll be at Aston Villa come next season"

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30 Apr 2013 19:06:34
Already the pundits on TV are discussing which "big" club that Benteke will move to next year. Does anything think that he might stay? He seems happy enough playing for the Villa but will one of the vultures might try and take him? Welcome your thoughts?

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I generally don't think hell leave. As u say he seems happy enough and I think the big clubs will wait till next season for him to properly prove himself. For example when papiss cisse joined newcastle he was unstopable but this season he hasn't been prolific at all.

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I think he will stay because he is happy at villa, he owes Lambert for signing him and relying on him over a top striker (Darren Bent) and I also think this because he will want to prove he is not a one season wonder

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Just enjoy the moment if he goes he goes, no player ever stays at a club forever. I mean even if he stayed for the rest of his career we would still have to replace him. Whilst he is in a Villa shirt enjoy it, when he goes cheer on the next striker

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If he goes it will be next January at the soonest let me assure you.

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Lambert wouldn't ever sell such a prolific striker in a January transfer window unless they had a reliable option to replace him!
Benteke will stay as long as we want him to - he has no release clause right now & he's happy! why can't pundits just comment on how well he plays instead of being like the media & trying to create packs of lies from thin air!

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The media are only reporting the obvious interest that other clubs are showing in benteke, an don't forget it's benteke and his agent who have spoke constantly about moving clubs, so I'd say they are heavilly contributing to the media talking about a potential move.


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30 Apr 2013 00:39:07
Lambert tracking Lescot after the star admitted he'll quit man city this summer along with everton also tracking the star

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