Aston Villa Rumours Archive March 27 2016


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27 Mar 2016 20:45:59
The more you read, about what Fox, Reilly and co have done to Remi, the more you feel sorry for him. To tell him that players he wanted, didn't want to come to the Villa, only for Remi to find out later that they haddent even been asked . This is a total disrespect, for him as a manager and a man. It also appears that money was being paid to people, who didn't even do the job anymore . Mr Hollis, it appears is as disgusted with what has been going on as us. I must admit I wasent very impressed when he first came, but give it to him he appears to be doing the job . Going back to Remi, I can only say most Villa fans will be disgusted the anybody could be treated this way by a great club like Villa. let's hope that this the end of all the bad news, Onward and upward is what we all need now, this is our new beginning . This time let's hope we now have the people in place to get it right . Villa for ever.

28 Mar 2016 07:33:37
agree with all you have said and don't forget that had remi got his choice of players maybe we would still be in the prem who knows but alas dear yorath we have been shafted by everyone including players so as you say onwards and upwards hoping the new appointment don't drag on too long. I'll be putting a 10 spot on villa to win the championship. VTID.

29 Mar 2016 22:08:34
Has Mourinho 100% signed a contract at United? We should try and poach him if not.