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27 Jan 2013 20:50:40
Ok...deep breath and here will all have seen the tweets from former players who are worried about the current are we all (what we wouldn't give now for the passion, the guile and the ABILITY of several of those i.e. Shaun Teale, Peter Withe, Ian Taylor etc). They are not blaming PL necessarily but one in particular is currently asking where the players' b***s are, with others suggesting that they can lend a hand with set pieces and attacking, for free, at such a difficult time.

With PL surely set to leave (?) how about Little and Gregory as joint managers? Former players and ex-managers who understand and care deeply about just what Aston Villa means in terms of the fans, club's history, the city and to football in general.

This will not happen, of course, as it is assumed that
'today's game' has no place for such people who are apparently relics of the past.

However, I do know that 'such people' would play a settled side imbued with confidence, vigour, passion and talent; would not tinker about with dubious substitutions and odd tactics but would ensure a connection with the fans, which would re-ignite the fervour the club needs to avoid the drop and not merely go out with a whimper.

Remember all, this is OUR club - not RLs, not PLs nor PFs. The club and us will here long after all 3 have left. Let's reclaim the passion.

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Well said that man.

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Sounds very inspirational, what happens to these legends when it all goes pear shaped again, PL is the best prospect you can hope for, I bet you were excited when he arrived!! The problem is the greedy players like Bent, Ireland (more interested in cars he can have than scoring goals) N'zogbia etc. who have no allegiance to VILLA, what is the point of changing manager to run the same players? need to go down and rebuild, PL is the man for that.

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The point is that we do not WANT to have to be in a position to 'rebuild'. We've been doing that since MON's ill-fated reign ended. Don't you get it?

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Sorry folks, Norwich fan here, But the fact that you mention Ex player and Managers to come in because they love the club, Don't always work either three season ago we had Gunn he was at the club 20 odd years a complete legend, John Deehan too it Don't mean they are going to turn it around,

Not Mocking but you will be best to stay with Lambert even if you go down, look how and what he did for us, All on a shoestring, Perhaps that's where Lerner went wrong and thought he could do the same for Villa, Think you will have to swallow pride go down and bounce back a better side under Lambert

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Perhaps Villa were doomed when an owner from the other side of the atlantic took over, hardly going to have Villa blood is he? bet he thought they were in London, he is only interested in getting out with as little loss as possible now. Be careful what you wish for, you can't keep swapping and especially not every six months. Stay and watch the whole game and the team may feed off that.

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Alan Shearer could not save Newcastle, he is a real legend around the toon.

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Hello everyone; read your comments with interest, honest (yep, even the Norwich one...and the Newcastle one...and the other one). I wrote the original seem to think that I could have picked anyone 'from the past' to resurrect the fervour, the ambition the nerve required to not just avoid the drop but to do so in the necessary, intelligent, slightly off-kilter and diligent manner.

Not so, friends.

With total respect to Carrow Roadians (I think you're a great club and Hughton is a terrific manager), we have no current need (thankfully) to operate on a shoestring. Mr Lerner is a billionaire. As for Newcastle, (amazing club with tradition and huge support) Shearer would never have survived with that team.

I merely say that we need cool and experienced heads to see us through and not (unfortunately for PL) someone who appears to be either out of his depth, at the mercy of ragged old pros and not-as-good-as-they-think-they-are kind of young players (is 23 too young these days?!) or simply out of time.

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The answer isn't a new manager everytime! David moyes and Everton are a good example of this, he struggled in his early days there and now their pushing for top 4 every year. I believe in Lambert and suggest negative fans start backing their team through thick an thin.

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There is a difference between negativity and realism.

So, get real.

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27 Jan 2013 16:39:26
Sunderland fan here guys, i'm hearing we've had a bid of 7.5m accepted for weimann. You know anything?

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No, please no

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He was close to signing a new deal at villa last I heard

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Please no.the only villa player that plays for the shirt.he kept us up last season with his wonder goal against stoke and fumble over the line against Fulham.he works hard for the team if the other 9 outfield players had his work ethic we would not be in this mess.would rather lazy bent go.
Our season starts tuesday.come on lambert watch match of the day on I player listen to Hanson and Dixon they can tell you what is wrong with our defence .they do every week listen to them

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A parody AVFC account was set up by someone and all of the stuff they are putting up is actually ending up in the press, this goes to show that 99% of journalist don't know a bloody thing

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He going nowhere he in the middle of signin a new contract.

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He's in talks for a new deal & has said he wants to stay at Villa Park.
You can have Bent back for 7.5m though!

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Sounds like agent talk to me, especially if there is contract talks a foot

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Wouldn't happen. Why would he in particular ever want to play for MON, same with players such as bannan and albrigton

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As depressing as the thought of Weimann leaving is, let's face it he will be off when we are relegated as will Benteke, Westwood and Vlaar. If Lerner thinks we can re-emerge from the Championship with the likes of Bent, Ireland, Bannan etc DREAM ON !!

A thoroughly p****d off Villa supporter who sees Newcastle, Reading, QPR etc spending to avoid relegation we are simply sitting back and embracing the possibility.

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Mon will pay 7.5m which is over priced pay him over the odds weekly and then play him left back

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As much as I hated reading this I have to agree! The back stinks and has done for the majority of the season and everyone can see it, yet our club are for some bizarre are choosing to ignore it?? We need answers Lerner and we need them before the 1st Feb!!!

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27 Jan 2013 09:21:45
Benteke is set to join Man City in the summer for a reported £25m.
Source: The Express

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Unless we go down or maybe when, the fee needs to nearer 30 mill

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30 million haha are you for real? He will be sold for around 10 million

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Would this team be in bottom 4
LAMBERT NEEDS TO GO NOW.he has now clue on formation at all.If he stays we are down fact.

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Hes not worth 30 mill i'd pay 15 tops

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I'd take that for him

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Lambert is not the problem at VP players are and they are slowly being driven out, I have been told this by someone who works at BMH. The issue has been going on since MON left

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Makoun can't play for Villa & Warnock has left with his huge wages.
Give PL some more time!

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10m is the best we can hope for. Stil too raw and misses too many chances

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He might miss chances, but at least he is in the right place to miss them.
Because he is young and raw his value will be around 25m. The future is bright for Benteke, perhaps not for Villa.

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Not worth 30 million? Torres and Caroll anybody?

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If you muppets think Benteke is worth 30 million your are seriously deluded and need medical attention. He go to Arsenal, the team he wanted to join in the first place for around 8 mil

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1 year into a 4 year deal. You think Villa would sell Benteke for 8m?
We're known for inflated prices as we did with players we sold to Man City.
If Milner was worth 24m (before we took Ireland) then Bentekkers is worth 25-30m.

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