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23 Jul 2012 18:01:31
Villa to open talks with Liverpool on a perminent move for Andy Carroll. The Villa confidence comes because chairman Lerner has promised £15 million to try and conclude a deal, while Liverpool still owe money on their transfer of Stewart Downing last summer, but that could be written off if Carroll is allowed to head to Villa Park.

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23 Jul 2012 15:50:15
So is the vlaar move off ed? Papertalk on the villa app says hes pulled out because faulkner is div what have u heard?

Naturalvillan {Ed007's Note - I've not heard anything, sorry. But reading between the lines I still expect him to join AV.}

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The deal has crashed down

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Vlaar's comments today in the press seem to reflect the general concensus that he's a bit of a spoilt brat. Seems to me that lambert saw this and knows what he's doing. Have faith

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Villa have been given a deadline for the deal to happen, Paul lambert stalled the deal to access defence options in the pre-season tour in America. So expect the deal to happen by weekend

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You all need to read whats actually been stated Feneeaourd have given a deadline trying to force villas hand even though they know all our business is off till the manager comes back from the tour.

And Vlaar himself has said what would of been a dream move now seems less likely

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It sounds like vlarr is desperate to join us and feynoord want to get rid of himm

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23 Jul 2012 15:20:48
sunderland fan here lads does anyone know if bannan is on trip with villa strong rumours in the north east that mon is close to signing him {Ed007's Note - Bannan is on the tour with the squad.}

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Martin did not rate him at all said to small to make it was always shipped out on loan so I would not believe that

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He can pass the ball so not a MON type player

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Considering BB has just stated how great it is finally to get a manager who plays his sort of football. I don't see him going anywhere near Sunderland, Sorry.

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Bannan came through the youth and MON didn't rate or play any of them so why would he sign him

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Any1 who has talent is not a MON type of player. Lol. Cant see bannan leaving villa he's exactly the type of player that PL likes, he's a ball player who likes the ball played in to his feet and on the ground

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Nah he will stay at villa

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MON to sign Dunne,Warnock,Collins and Heskey's on a free :-)


Hopefully take Hutton and N'zogbia the rubbish the last manager brought in

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Give nzogbia a chance he's class on his day

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