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17 Aug 2014 20:21:17
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Ed 003.

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17 Aug 2014 14:41:22

Omar Abdulrahman & Danny Wellbeck one of these a loan deal, might just be a rumour but hey very tasty especially after 0-1 win at Stoke and Sanchez to come in for the poor overweight Nzogbia

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Well done to Lambert on the players he has brought in on a shoestring. Def made us stronger!

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Who are you? Do you even like football? Clearly know nothing about our team if you think Sanchez will replace nzogbia, two completely different players playing completely different roles!

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Can see what the fella means. Could push Richardson on the wing and move Delph further up the pitch

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Abdulrahman would only join on loan if it was with view to a pernament deal. Man United needs all the players they can get at the moment. And for you to say that N'Zogbia is poor is a bit harsh considering the fact that he is a creative player and play well yesterday as did the whole team. Also, Carlos Sanchez wouldn't replace N'Zogbia. N'Zogbia is a flair player, whilst Sanchez is a hard working, tough tacking midfielder.

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Sanchez will replace westwood in the middle with delph, and when benteke comes back replaces gabby up top and probably cole behind him when fit, also I think there's 1 more player to come, either holtby lennon or sinclair as moses opted to join stoke.

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Westwood needs to learn to read the game better. He would be fantastic then.

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Westwood is a real talent no doubt, but he does seem at times to let the game just flow past him, he needs to have more self belief and lern to boss the centre circle area, rather than disappear for half the game

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