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14 Aug 2012 13:50:26
I'm told by an extremely reliable source that Man City have accepted a bid for Adam Johnson from Villa.Watch this space.

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I hope this is true & not just made up rubbish! Up the villa.bert

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Yes but there's rumours Lambert from Southampton

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No Adam Johnson bid, it is a tweeter hoax. Lambert has said he is happy with what he has got...... For those who don't speak Scottish it means he has no money but he is going along with the facade! Wake up

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Adam johnson wont come to villa we might get him on a loan deal but i dont think johnon would come to us i would like him to but i dont see it.

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In the villa fan forum with paul lambert he actually made it pretty clear he knows what he needs in the squad and he will get them before the end of the window. Some villa fans are just very ignorant and think they know it all

He said along the lines of..
Left Back
Left Winger

I think it will be

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Everton will surely have first refusal on Adam Johnson as part of the rodwell deal, stop dreaming

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"Adam johnson wont come to villa we might get him on a loan deal" contradiction or what?!? Lmao

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I do like Lambert, however he needs to understand that we need to sign more, for me, a full back and a striker. I'd love to see Keane back or Defoe.

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Everton would have only gone for Johnson if they didn't get Mirallas, which they did

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14 Aug 2012 12:39:48
aston villa are meant to be named as the team who have made an offer for steven fletcher and wolves ahve tturned it down but villa will come in for a improved bid of 13 m

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Another striker would be good Vaz te

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33% more and we could get RVP

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Pay the transfer fee, just not the wages and getting the player to agree. Somepeople just live in complete fantasy land.

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14 Aug 2012 12:16:32
Guidetti and his agent are currently weighing up his options with quite alot of loan bids coming in but man city are reportedly ready to sell interest from feyenoord,blackburn,sunderland and villa.

Also with a victor moses move to chelsea looking close Sturridge could well be on his way out of stamford bridge if he doesn't get the centre forward role guaranteed with villa possibly interested aswell

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Personnaly i think guideeti should go to villa as he would get 1st team football goals and there is now to ex feyenoord teammates at aston villa now

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I think we should loan out promising players to ferynoord since we just took their best players. We should give them a hand.

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Why would Chelsea sell Sturridge? the only other striker they have is Torres, If your gonna make stuff up at least try to be creative.

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